What To Do When Encountering A Snake In Nature


Snakes can be terrifying and their bites can be life taking as well. Moreover, they can be found in many climates as well as terrains worldwide. Thus, it is imperative that you know about how to survive a deadly encounter with the snake. There are over 2500 species of snakes available worldwide out of which 138 are found in Southern Africa only.

Now, most of the snakes are not poisonous. However, the ones which are poisonous get to be the deadliest ones and thus you need to be careful around them. Well, here are some pointers to lend you a helping hand in surviving well when around a snake.

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What To Do When Encountering A Snake In Nature
What To Do When Encountering A Snake In Nature

What Should You Do When Your Encounter A Snake?

  • Foremost, when you are walking around any bush, do not just poke or provoke any snake you see. This is one of the most basic survival tips you should follow. Most importantly, do not touch a snake even if it appears to be dead. Some species such as Rinkhals play dead to get their victims.
  • If you see a snake just a meter away from you, freeze. The snake is most likely to look for an escape route. Moreover, very slowly move backward. If you are moving slowly, the snake will not look upon you as a potential threat.
  • Snakes can easily climb up trees as well, just like squirrels. Thus, many people get surprised when they see their poisonous friend eye to eye on a tree. Thus, be careful when you are climbing up a tree.
  • Try to avoid tall grasses as they are the most likely places you will find your snake friend. Thus, try to be well aware of your surroundings when you want to be safe.

Tips To Treat A Snake Bite

What To Do When Encountering A Snake In Nature
What To Do When Encountering Snakes In Nature

Well, sometimes accidents take place even after you have taken so much precaution and it can actually bite you. However, it is essential for you to know what you should do when a snake bites you.

  • Wash the bite wound as soon as possible. This would help to remove the snake’s spit from your skin as soon as possible.
  • Take away any watch or rings on your body. The reason is that the venom will make the body swell, and any kind of jewelry will make off the circulation.
  • Get hold of a bandage and tightly wrap it around the bitten limb. This will reduce the flow of venom around the body. However, make sure that that you should make the bandage quite tight but do not make it too uncomfortable. Otherwise, it will completely cut off the blood circulation to the affected area.

If you suffer from a snake bite, make sure that you keep the suction device over the affected area and try to draw out any kind of venom for the bite. Leave the suction device for about 10 minutes on the bite. Remember, a suction device well used can surely help to draw out 30 percent of the venom from the snake bite.

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