What To Do In Case Of A Fire Emergency

Know what needs to be done in case of a fire emergency with these simple tips.


A fire emergency is a horrifying experience. Trust me, seeing a burning building up close and personal is one of the most terrifying and scariest events you’ll experience in your life — the scorching fire, the ever-increasing levels of heat, the falling debris that might fall on you, and the amount of carbon dioxide that you might inhale poses serious health risks to everyone near the burning building.

But what is the first thing you do in the event of a fire emergency? Well, it’s common sense to get out of the building as fast you can. But what happens if you’re trapped inside and all exits are somehow blocked?

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Aside from knowing what must be done during a fire emergency, you need also to learn to prepare yourself and your family in advance. While most of us don’t get to experience such kind of crisis, it is still essential to be ready for it in advance.

Follow these tips to keep yourself and your family in the event of a fire emergency.

Before The Fire

What To Do In Case Of A Fire Emergency
What To Do In Case Of A Fire Emergency
  • Create an evacuation plan for you and your family and make sure that all of them understands what a fire emergency is.
  • Avoid overloading your electrical outlets. Overloading is one of the leading causes of the fire.
  • Always clear all the exits in your house including doorways and hallways. Ensuring that all doors are clear is essential because you don’t want to be trapped inside a burning building or house.
  • Get a fire extinguisher. Investing in a fire extinguisher is also a good thing to do. Fire extinguishers are very efficient in putting out a fire.
  • Never tamper with smoke detectors, fire alarms or fire extinguishers.
  • Make sure that all flammable materials or objects in your house are stored in properly and always out of reach from your children.

During The Fire

What To Do In Case Of A Fire Emergency
What To Do In Case Of A Fire Emergency
  • Immediately contact the local fire department especially if the fire has started to go out of control.
  • Pull out the fire alarm immediately if there is one. This should alarm everyone in the house or the building about the outbreak.
  • Once the alarm sounds, don’t ignore it or even consider it as a test. Always react to a fire alarm appropriately to ensure your safety.
  • If you are inside your room, don’t ever try touching the doorknob as it may be already warm. Touch the door first to see if it is warm or not. If the door is not warm, you should have enough time to get out of the room and off the building or house.
  • If you notice smoke starting to crawl in through your door, try to block it by using a wet towel or clothing. Some become very dangerous if inhaled excessively and it might cause you to choke and deprived of oxygen. It’s important to give yourself more time especially if you are waiting to be saved by the rescuers in a trapped room.
  • If you are trapped in your room, close the door and open all the windows you can find. Hang any clothing outside your windows to notify the authorities that you are still trapped inside. They should be able to rescue you out through the windows before they try to put out the fire. The fire department’s job is to rescue everyone first before putting out the fire.
  • If you escaped successfully, maintain a reasonable distance between you and the burning building. The fire may cause a gas leak which can lead to an explosion. Remember that you are still not completely safe even though you’re out of the burning building.
  • Don’t attempt to go back inside to rescue others. Let the authorities do their job because they have the equipment and necessary training to save people out of burning buildings.
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