What Are Different Survival Signals

What Are Different Survival Signals

Survival is the quintessential part of traveling. Sometimes you can get lost in a jungle and don’t have anyone else with you. This Situation is quite dangerous and can turn into a major disaster if not taken proper cautionary steps. To be ensured of your survival, you need to know how you can be seen from far far away. Today we are going to discuss different signals that you can use in a survival situation. So do give attention to what you are going to read from now onwards as it could be the only thing between life and death.

What Are Different Survival Signals
What Are Different Survival Signals

Signaling And survival Goes Hand In Hand

To be clear, your chances of Survival our directly proportional to your quick thinking and the knowledge you have of these situations.

If you work outdoors, you must have your own set of signals, which helps you communicate with your fellow workers.

Just like signals, people who go offshore must know to send emergency signals on the radio. Up in the sky, pilots also learn survival signals to find and rescue those who have lost the path.

Lastly, military personnel needs to learn unique hand gestures to successfully coordinate with their comrades while remaining silent throughout the mission.

Different Types Of Survival Signals

There are multiple ways you can send a signal, and there are numerous signals, so you need to choose wisely which signal technique to use and what should be the meaning of your message.

Black smoke And Fire Signal

One of the most common ways to signal is lighting a fire or creating a big smoke, a fire at night, and smoke in the morning can be seen from more than 50 miles away if the weather is clear. This signaling technique was used by ancient Greeks, Americans, and Chinese. Even in the present-day armed forces uses a different color to represent their position on the battlefield.

To create a sense of black smoke, you require to have lots of green leaves and green stems. In addition to this, you must have a huge pile of dry wood as it plays as an initial starter of your fire and smoke signal. According to us, creating black smoke is a much better option than creating a cloud of white smoke. At night always go for fire as smoke can’t be seen at night.

Ground To Air Survival Signals

In case you don’t have anything from which you can start a fire. You can write a big HELP!! on the sand for any planes crossing you in the sky to see. This engraving is easy, and all you need is an excellent wooden stick to start writing alphabets on the sand.

On the other hand, you can do hand gestures or hand signs. You can use the hand sign technique from medium to small distance, almost around 3-4 km. 

What Are Different Survival Signals
What Are Different Survival Signals

To stand and to make a ‘Y’ from your hands indicates you are asking for a pick-up.

To lay on your back with arms stretched out is a gesture for signaling that you require medical assistance.

These are some of the essential survival signals one should know before venturing out into the wilderness for an adventure.

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