Volcanic Eruption: Interesting Facts You Will Love To Know

Volcanic Eruption: Interesting Facts You Will Love To Know

When it comes to a volcanic eruption, we get enthralled by nature’s mystery and dangerous beauty. These volcanic eruptions hold many interesting facts which some people may know and some may not. But, that doesn’t demean the magnificence of the amazing nature’s incident. So, let’s learn about some of these facts on the volcanic eruption.

Volcanic Eruption: Three Major Volcanoes

All the volcanic eruption happens due to hot magma that reaches the Earth’s surface with eruption. But, there are differentiations among volcanoes based on the eruption types. When it comes to the shield volcanoes, lava flows with low viscosity. So, lava reaches out to dozens of kilometers before stopping. Stratovolcanoes flow a different kind of lava. This type of volcano erupts ash and rock that reaches enormous heights. On the contrary to these two volcanoes, the cinder cone volcanoes are smaller and happen from short-lived eruptions.  

Volcanic Eruption: Interesting Facts You Will Love Knowing
Volcanic Eruption: Interesting Facts You Will Love To Know

Volcanic Eruptions Happens Due To Escaping Magma

Earth’s mantle is almost 30 km beneath our feet. That region is filled with superhot rocks that have an extension to Earth’s core. Do you know that the region is so hot that the formation of giant bubbles appears from the liquid rock named magma chambers? From the surrounding molten rock, this magma is way lighter, so it rises and heads towards the Earth’s surface. As it finds cracks and any weakness in Earth’s crust, it erupts into the surface as lava, gas, and rock.

Volcanic Eruptions Require Active And Dormant Volcanoes

There are three types of volcanoes, and among them, one is extinct. Active volcanoes are those who are erupting from thousands of years whenever the Earth’s core gets hot. However, in the case of dormant volcanoes, scientists believe that they have the potential for erupting in the future. But, when it is about extinct volcanoes, scientists almost confirm that they won’t erupt again. So, the volcanic eruptions we have seen or heard of in our time, those are all from active volcanoes.

Volcanoes Can Grow Fast

Many volcano formations happen through thousands of years, whereas other volcanoes can grow overnight. Like that, a Paricutin, a cinder cone volcano, first appeared on 20th February 1943 in a Mexican cornfield. But, within a week, it stretched to become 5-stories tall. When the year ended, the volcano reached 336 m in height. By geological standard, the growth of this volcano was very quick.

Volcanic Eruption: Interesting Facts You Will Love To Know
Volcanic Eruption: Interesting Facts You Will Love To Know

20 Volcanic Eruption Happening Now

Around the whole world, there are at least 20 volcanoes that are erupting right now as you are reading it. Some places are experiencing new volcanic activities, while others are ongoing. Every year, at least 50-70 volcanoes have erupted some point of time. Geologists estimate at least 1,300 eruptions have taken place in 10,000 years. However, we don’t get to know about all the eruption, because three-quarters of them happen underneath our ocean bed.

Volcanic Eruption Is Dangerous

Krakatoa is one of the deadliest volcanoes that had erupted in 1883 and released a Tsunami. At that time, at least 36,000 people had died. In AD 79, when Vesuvius exploded, the whole towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii was buried underneath. So, at least 16,000 people died of the explosion.

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