Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need


A natural calamity can occur anywhere without any prior warnings. Therefore, it is always good to keep some basic things handy for emergency situations. Tornadoes are also one of the most commonly occurring natural disasters in the world. A tornado survival guide will tell you what you need to keep with you in case a tornado strikes. It can help you prepare for a disaster before its too late.

Tornadoes are very common in the USA. Astonishingly, the USA gets four times the number of tornadoes as the rest of the world combined. Tornadoes are especially common in the Gulf Coast States and the Southeastern States. So, if you live in one of the Tornado prone areas, here is a tornado survival guide with the top ten things that you would need in the case of an emergency.

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Portable First Aid Kits

This is one of the most important things in the Tornado Survival Guide. During a natural disaster, it is unfortunately very common for people to endure injuries. So, you should keep a portable first aid kit ready.

You can buy an already stocked eco-friendly kit so that you can grab it easily and you do not have to think about what to keep in the first aid kit. Just make sure that it has all the basic first aid and medicines.

Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need
Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need

Portable Water Purifier

This is also one of the top things to carry in case of a tornado. Water is the essence of life and in any situation water is the most important for survival.

A portable water purifier is a great option to have handy. You can easily find any water body and filter the water and drink it as its filtration pore size is 0.1 micron.

This portable purifier is great and it can filter up to 2000 liters of water which is enough to last for a few days at least. It is also very easy to carry as it weighs around 40 gm and is small in size.

So, you should definitely carry this in case a tornado strikes.

Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need
Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need


It is common during tornadoes for the power to go out and the mobile towers to go down. A whistle is a very common way to send emergency signals when you are stuck somewhere and you need help. It can be your SOS signal to the people and they can easily look for you.

Well, it definitely can be your lifesaver and it is very easy to use. This stainless steel whistle is great as it has a maximum sound intensity of up to 150 decibels which makes it easier for people to hear you if you are stuck under debris.

It is very lightweight and easy to carry. So, do keep it with you in case of a tornado.

Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need
Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need


During natural calamities like a tornado, it is very common for the lights to go out. In such a case, you have to light candles to see things around you. So, a lighter comes to rescue as you can light up candles with it. Also, it can be used to create a fire if needed.

This stainless steel lighter is amazing as it is waterproof so no worries of water damage. It is quite easy to carry as it is small in size and has a key chain attached to it. You can even secure it around your belt or your bag.

You can produce fire out of nowhere through a flinch match lighter. So, this is also an important part of the Tornado Survival Guide.

Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need
Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need

Sleeping Bag  

During a tornado, you might have to leave your house and shift somewhere else. You might not find comfortable sleeping space or beds. Therefore, a sleeping bag is essential so that you can rest and sleep for some time.

This sleeping bag is durable and very handy. It can be folded easily so it is hassle-free. Additionally, it can help you keep yourself warm and is waterproof which makes it a must buy. It is also lightweight and its dimensions after opening up are 82×36 inches which can fit anyone easily.

Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need
Tornado Survival Guide: Ten Things You Need

Portable Blanket

Surviving the cold on top of the natural calamity is a tough task and a blanket is important in these situations. Are you thinking that a blanket will be too heavy to carry and might not be feasible?

Well, here you are wrong. This portable blanket is disposable, waterproof and windproof and it can help you keep yourself warmer for a longer duration of time.

It is very easy to use and it needs very little space so it can easily fit in your bag. This thermal blanket is a must-have if you live in a very cold tornado-prone area.

Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need
Tornado Survival Guide: Ten Things You Need

Multi-Tools Kit

A multi-tool kit is a must-have and is an essential part of the tornado survival kit. It is very helpful as it contains many tools like torch, compass, military knife and saber card to make your survival easier.

It might be difficult for you to gather all the tools needed for a tool kit so this multi tool kit can be very helpful as it has all the tools that you would require in your quest for survival.

The tools that it has are: Multi-function scraper, Emergency tactical pen, Emergency thermal blanket, Tactical torch flashlight, Multi-function compass, Mini key chain light, Tactical military knife, Saber card, Whistle, Wire saw, Survival wristband para-cord(Optional), Water Bottle Clip, Shockproof case and Laser pointer(Optional)

This toolkit comes in a shockproof case so that all the tools are protected and for the price of one you get 13 different tools which is a great deal!

Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need
Tornado Survival Guide: Ten Things You Need

4-In-1 Survival Bracelet

During a tornado, you might not have enough time to grab all the things that you need for survival so this emergency survival bracelet will help you. It has a whistle, a rope, a knife, and a compass.

It can be easily worn on the wrist and it does not require any space inside your bag. For carrying four different equipment, it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.

Also, it comes in various colors and designs so you can choose one that you like and it might make you feel a bit better.

Tornado Survival Guide: Ten Things You Need

Portable Cookware

Food is the most important part of survival and it is a must to take food with you. But, most of us forget that cookware is also necessary as some food items cannot be eaten with hands or the packets need to be cut open before we can dive into the food item.

This is where this multi-functional camping cookware survival durable kit comes to rescue. It has a rice spoon, a fork, a whistle, a knife, and a bottle opener. All of the things are quite important when it comes to surviving and eating food.

The knife can be used for cutting twigs and leaves in case you need to light a fire. You can also slice fishes and the likes with it.

The toolkit is very lightweight and is easy to carry. It does not take up much space inside the bag so you do not have to worry about carrying it!

Tornado Survival Guide: Ten Things You Need

Luminous Ropes

Ropes are essential during a natural calamity as they can help you in various ways. The first way is that it can help you climb rocky terrain if needed. It can support your weight and help you climb mountains or hills. You can even create shelters with ropes.

This luminous rope is even more useful than normal rope as it can easily be seen in the dark. Even if there is no light, you can see this glow and grab it with you. It is 6 meters in length which fulfills the basic requirements. Also, it is very durable and strong and it will not break easily.

So, you should definitely buy this luminous rope as it can easily fit in your bag without any hassles. It is lightweight and has multiple uses and also comes in various colors so you can choose your favorite.

Tornado Survival Guide: Ten Things You Need

We hope this survival guide is helpful to you. We encourage you to start accumulating things for your survival kit so that when tragedy strikes you are fully prepared for it. It is a simple but very important step in saving your life as well as saving the lives of your loved ones.

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