Top 3 Survival Movies


If you’re into a binge, watch survival movies while occupying a warm room with comfy sofa eating chips and drinking beer, Look no further. Heres the best list to choose from and get your dose of motivation with an adventurous streak. Just pick your favorite drug or category to get the adrenaline rush.  Right from mountains, desert, ocean, jungle, galaxy, spaceship or cross over planets. Disasters are ranging from weather, alien attack, zombie attack, plane crash, sinking ships, science expedition, adventuring, or surviving stupid minds.

Top 3 Incredible Survival Movies That Make You Appreciate Life

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Top 3 Survival Movies
Top 3 Survival Movies

All Is Lost

During a solo sailing adventure on a yacht to a  remote location, The lead is horrified when his vessel starts to leak when his yacht collides with a shipping container. Our protagonist realizes that he will soon be under the water despite his best efforts. As the story unfolds, his troubles are revealed. The movie deals with his desperate attempts at survival.

It’s a classic story, with thrilling sequences. The whole ‘oceanic survival’ idea has a Titanic or Life of Pi touch to it. However, neither of the films access raw emotion and feel like this one. Our man’s frustration shines throughout, and as well as being thrilling in subject matter, it addresses the forever fantasy about human will and mortality.

Living on One Dollar

This documentary is about four friends. The filmmakers embark on a quest to live on one dollar per day, in the wilderness. They live in a small shack. They first figure out a way to eat regularly how they initiate interaction with the population around them. The documentary gives us an insight not only into their survival tasks but the lives of the Guatemalan people.

The movie is about surviving poverty to the extent to which upper societies take them for granted. The extent of poverty does hard emphasizing the importance of perspective.

No Country for Old Men

The Oscar-winning movie has a compelling central track. The plot of No Country for Old Men centers on a cache of money abandoned in the desert. It’s aftermath post a drug deal gone south right at the start of the movie. Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) finds the cash, but powerful criminals and an intimidating hitman seek the newfound money.

Our man works as a focal point for the story. Most of the part is told through his view, as he dives across American attempting to throw off the tail of criminals. The sense of impending danger is prominent throughout as any other survival movie.

Top 3 Survival Movies
Top 3 Survival Movies

Pick Your Motivation

Survival films motivate you tapping in a bizarre part of our you that craves adventure n real life. Especially for the ones that appear to be entertained by the idea of Worlds end. The enjoyment out of watching these out of the ordinary life characters battle odds, suffering, calamities where the hell breaks loose is indescribable. We love to watch people rising above the turmoil.

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