Top 10 Best Survivalist Tools


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Emergency Survival Multi-Tool Kit Set

This is the most compact, thorough survival tool kit we’ve ever come across. Containing 13 survivalist tools you’ll be glad you have at your disposal. Comes with a shockproof case to ensure that all the things inside are protected Ideal to use for camping, fishing, backpacking and hiking.


1 x Multi-function scraper

1 x Emergency tactical pen

1 x Emergency thermal blanket

1 x Tactical torch flashlight

1 x Multi-function compass

1 x Mini keychain light

1 x Tactical military knife

1 x Saber card

1 x Whistle

1 x Wire saw

1 x Survival wristband paracord(Optional)

1 x Water Bottle Clip

1 x Shockproof case

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