Tips To Survive A Tornado With Preparations -

Tips To Survive A Tornado With Preparations

Tips To Survive A Tornado With Preparations

In the United States, the frequency and number of tornado incidents are the highest in the world. So, everyone should know the tips to survive grave tornadoes before the storm approach in its full glory. Tips to survive will prepare you for such incidence all time. You will be able to warn and teach others about many things beforehand.

Tornadoes have the power to destroy anything that comes in their way. In the process, it creates piles of debris that are dangerous as they fly with the storm. The violently rotating air columns move forward with some parts of the debris with it, hitting everything violently. These extreme storms can hit anytime and anyplace. The intensity of the wind always stays over 200 mph or above. So, how to survive these monstrous storms?

Tips To Survive A Tornado With Preparations

Tips To Survive: When Under Warning About Tornado

When you hear the warning about the storm, it is better to get inside a sturdy building. You shouldn’t wait till the storm hits. If there is a basement, safe room, or storm cellar, go in there and stay until the storm stops. It is best to stay away from windows, doors, and outside the walls. If you think that you will be safe under a bridge or overpass, then it is not right. During the storm, you have to watch out from flying debris as you can get seriously injured or a death kiss. In case you are outdoor, keep your head and neck protected with your arms.

Preparation Before Tornado Hits The Area

You should know how much risk your area possesses due to the looming tornado. Not every area has the same amount of risk factor as the storm passes by. You should be alert about any signs that tell the tornado is approaching. There can be a loud roar, a cloud of debris, a funnel-shaped cloud that is rotating.

You should be paying extreme attention to the weather reports of the area. After all, meteorologists can be able to predict if a tornado will form or not. As the COVID-19 has taken the world by its invisible hand, you must maintain a safe distance while visiting the safe shelter. Do not forget to take your hand-sanitizer, masks, disinfecting wipes, etc.

Survival tips during Tornado
Tips To Survive A Tornado With Preparations

Tips To Survive As The Storm Is Here

As you hear and see the storm roaring and approaching like a bull, it is time you go inside your safe shelter. You can cover yourself by blankets and arms around you. It will work as a shield. Always keep your local alert systems on to hear current emergency instructions. If you are outside and planning to outrun the tornado, then it’s of no use. You better go as far away as possible with your car and then save your head and neck by covering with your arms. 

Staying Safe After The Storm Gets Silence

Even when the storm has stopped, you should listen to the weather report channel or get information from local authorities. In case you have got trapped under debris, you better cover your face with a mask or cloth to avoid breathing dust. If you have a whistle with you at the moment, try to signal others. Storm leaves fallen power lines, so it is better to stay away from the wires. Most times, the power lines get damaged the most. Therefore, it will be clever to use your phone only for emergency purposes only.

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