The Worst Tornadoes In History

The Worst Tornadoes in History

In case you don’t know about the worst tornadoes in history, you should take a look at this article. It’s always tragic to hear about people losing their lives from these natural disasters. These tornadoes have been so destructive, with each of them claiming hundreds of lives in a just a couple of minutes. With death tolls that reach devastating proportions, these tornadoes are not only the worst but also the deadliest.

Aside from being the biggest tornadoes in history, these twisters are also the costliest. These tornadoes have accounted for billions of dollars in damages and leaving thousands of people injured.

With that said, we bring you the list of the worst tornadoes in human history.

1989 Daulatpur-Salturia Tornado

The Worst Tornadoes in History
The Worst Tornadoes in History

Out of all the worst tornadoes in history, this one is the deadliest. Leaving 1,300 dead in just a couple of minutes, the Daulatpur-Salturia tornado is Bangladesh’s worst in history. The tornado hit the rural district of Manikganj, Bangladesh, on April 26, 1989.

Before the tornado, the district has been suffering from drought for a couple of months. This is one of the factors that intensified the tornadic conditions in the area. Footages after the tornado struck show that the already barren area is completely leveled that spanning 1 mile wide.

The number of deaths rose to 12,000 people and 80,000 people who were living in the towns of Manikganj and Saturia were left homeless.

1996 Madarganj-Mrizapur Tornado

The Worst Tornadoes in History
The Worst Tornadoes in History

The Madargank-Mrizapur tornado of 1996 is one of the most recent deadliest twisters in history.

Around 700 people were confirmed to be dead after a massive tornado struck the area of Madarganj to Mirzapur in Bangladesh on May 13, 1996. The tornado also left thousands of people injured, making it officially the second deadliest tornado in the world.

As the tornado touched the ground, the tornado destroyed everything on its path from Madarganj to Mirzapur. As a result, more than 30,000 homes were destroyed. The tornado was so massive that it even damaged the nearby towns.

2013 Moore Tornado

The Worst Tornadoes in History
The Worst Tornadoes in History

Destroying power lines, gas pipes, and thousands of buildings, the 2013 Moore Tornado is definitely one of the worst twisters in history. This massive tornado pulverized the suburbs of Oklahoma City on May 20, 2013.

Reaching 1.08 miles wide at its peak power, the tornado brought massive destruction on the suburban town of Moore, Oklahoma. With wind speeds reaching 210 mph, the EF5 tornado brought devastation on a 17-mile path for 37 minutes.

Later on, aerial footages of the trail followed by the tornado show the extent of the damage. Everything on the path of the tornado was completely leveled. All in all, the 2013 Moore Tornado still remains to be one of the of costliest tornadoes in history. Total damage brings to more than $2 billion and leaving 24 people confirmed dead.

Final Thoughts

Tornadoes, just like other natural disasters, are so unpredictable. But each year, Bangladesh has always been the victim of the worst tornadoes in the world. All year round,  the country has seen hundreds of these deadly twisters. This is because of the flat topography of the country which makes it a hotbed and a target, at the same time, for some of the worst tornadoes in the world.

As you can see from the list above, the two deadliest twisters in the world, occurred in Bangladesh. The country is first among the nations when it comes to the number of deadly and massive tornadoes every year, followed by the US and Canada.

This is why everyone should know more about this natural disaster and how dangerous they can be. They may not likely to occur in your area, but they will surprisingly appear once the right conditions are met.

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