The Four Crucial Stages Of Being A Prepper


Natural disasters can happen anytime and you and your family can be the victim. But what should you do if you fall under any of those unfortunate situations? Would you call for government help or will simply try to get yourself up to face the natural calamity? The idea of prepping is not always easy because not all of us have that much amount of supply. However, you can still prepare for it and that takes a few crucial stages. In this post, we will talk about those important stages of prepper.

The Four Crucial Stages Of Being A Prepper
The Four Crucial Stages Of Being A Prepper

The Wannabe

Now, these types of people are really enthusiastic and excited about stating prepping. But here the problem is they do not know where to start from but they are always open to accepting any kind of challenge they might face in this field. There can be another issue among these people- they don’t have that vast amount of financial supplies to prep.

The Newbie

Newbies are those who already have started to prepare but they need some support regarding the same. They need some advice on how to continue and grow in each step they take. At the same time, they look for advice from both on and offline. No matter where it is handholding or simply by provided education, newbies start their journeys with a positive attitude and continuously seek knowledge. Similarly, they need a positive response from people to encourage them and help them continue their journey to the right path.

The Dedicate One

After completing the newbie stage successfully, people become a dedicated prepper. They are now accustomed to their lifestyle and strategies. Now the newbies, after spending times researching and learning, they have collected the must-have supplies, knowledge, and skills. However, they are not done. They are still looking to get furthermore knowledge about the same and trying to learn advanced strategies about survival healthcare, living off-grid, etc. They at the same time, share their personal experiences with people and provides them with tips for how to survive in natural disasters. They help the newbies and wannabes to learn and grow in the field.

The Diehard One

The last stage of being a prepper is a die-hard one. They spend considerable times on planning how to survive in the natural apocalypse and invest all their energy to ensure that they can make it out alive. These preppers have loads of supplies and learned strategies to overcome any situation without fear. They are ready to accept any challenge nature has to offer them and they try until their last breath to overcome that challenge. Sometimes they are not willing to share their experience and strategies with newbies and wannabes due to the OPSEC reasons.

The Four Crucial Stages Of Being A Prepper
The Four Crucial Stages Of Being A Prepper

So now at least we know there are four types of preppers, however, there can be more likely or unlikely. But now that you got the idea, let’s keep this post simple and informative. So if you are planning to become a prepper now, we would call you a wannabe.

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