Tips To Survive A Tornado With Preparations

Tips To Survive A Tornado With Preparations

In the United States, the frequency and number of tornado incidents are the highest in the world.

Tornado Survival Guide: Top 50 Things You Need

Tornado Survival Guide: Top Ten Things You Need

A survival tornado guide will tell you what you need to keep with you in case a calamity strikes. It can help you prepare for a disaster before its too late.

What Causes Tornadoes?

What Are Tornadoes?

Tornadoes are one of the most violent natural disasters in the world. They usually come from powerful thunderstorms that appear as funnel-shaped clouds that rotates violently. These storms have wind speeds that can reach up to 300 miles an hour.

The Worst Tornadoes In History

The Worst Tornadoes in History

In case you don’t know about the worst tornadoes in history, you should take a look at this article. It’s always tragic to hear about people losing their lives from these natural disasters. These tornadoes have been so destructive, with each of them claiming hundreds of lives in a just a couple of minutes. With death tolls that reach devastating proportions, these tornadoes are not only the worst but also the deadliest.

Countries With Most Tornadoes Every Year

Countries With Most Tornadoes Every Year

Tornadoes are perhaps the most destructive severe weather forms in the world. It is a funnel-shaped storm rotating violently which extends from a thunderstorm down to the ground. The winds they carry are no less than 100 mph, with some even reaching more than 200 mph.

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