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Learn The Tricks To Escape Disaster In Several Uncomfortable Situations

Escape Disaster

It is vital that you learn how to escape these kinds of disasters, especially when you are living in urban areas.

Countries With Most Tornadoes Every Year

Countries With Most Tornadoes Every Year

Tornadoes are perhaps the most destructive severe weather forms in the world. It is a funnel-shaped storm rotating violently which extends from a thunderstorm down to the ground. The winds they carry are no less than 100 mph, with some even reaching more than 200 mph.

Forest Fires: How Do They Happen?

Every year, uncontrolled forest fires can burn thousands of acres of land and destroy everything on its path. Forest fires can quickly consumed a dense forest in just a couple of minutes. That is how devastating forest fires can be.

4 Signs An Earthquake Is Coming

Essential Tips To Survive A Strong Earthquake

Predicting when an earthquake is about to strike is still impossible these days. So, we can’t really do anything to prevent them from happening. What we can do, however, is to prepare and train ourselves on what you need to do ensure your safety and survival during an earthquake.

Warning Signs of an Avalanche That You Should Know

A snow covered mountain

The more warning signs you can see, the more likely it is that an avalanche is bound to happen.

What To Do When Natural Disasters Strike

What To Do When A Natural Disaster Strikes

You’ve probably learned a couple of emergency preparedness tips during your time in school. But the question is, are you prepared for natural disasters? If not, then you should follow these essential emergency tips.

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