Basic Ideas For Survivor Party Games


Survivor means a person who survives at the end or after an event. Survivor games feature in many popular reality shows. The crazy is almost the same for both online and offline games. It is very much popular in Asian countries like Japan, China, and South Korea, etc.. Fans love the show. The host gives specific challenges to every contestant and based on their performance, either they move to the next round or get eliminated. People of all age groups can play this game.

Basics Of Survivor Party Games

Survivor Games For Party
Survivor Games For Party

Holding the party games outside the home would be better because survivor means surviving in the wilderness. If you follow any of the reality shows, you can observe the theme and LOD (level of difficulty) change every year. You may choose any of them.

a. Puzzles

The puzzle is an integral part of almost every episode of “Survivor.” From making stairs from giant puzzle pieces to swimming race for a bag of puzzles, puzzles are a vital part of this game.

b. Endurance

The ability to tolerate a difficult situation without relinquishing. This act of bearing the situation over time is all about timing. The winner of this game has more staying power.

c. Head To Head Battles

Though it is a team game, sometimes they have to indulge in a battle of strengths and tactics. Tug of war is an entertaining game.

To maintain the authenticity of this game, advice your host to dress up like Jeff Probst. A camouflage short and a long shirt would do. The host should learn some of the basic terms like ” Ready Steady Go.”

Ideas For Survivor Party Games

Survivor Games For Party
Survivor Games For Party

First of all, contestants should be divided into 3-4 groups. It includes some individual as well as team games.

Obstacle Course with a Puzzle

Set up a starting point and an ending point. Place some obstacles in between the path. Each of the players of respective teams starts running with a bag containing puzzle pieces. The team which completes the race first will be the winner.

Gross Food Challenge

Gross Food Challenge is one of the most daring challenges on the show. The participants need to eat some horrible and repellent food, and the ones who are not able to do the same will lead to gain of a point to the opponent. The participant who scores three or five points will win the game. If you don’t have gross food, you can use boiled eggs, candy bugs, and gummy worms.  You can tweak the rules as per your convenience.

Balloon Board

This is one of the games which is liked by most of the fans of the survivor. For this game, you need to have cardboard pieces and three to five inflated balloons. You need to write every player’s name on the cardboard piece in bold letters, attach the balloons to each board and dangle them against the wall. Prepare a set of questions and ask both the teams. With every correct answer, members of a group are required to burst a balloon on the other’s board. The team who ends up finishing the all the balloons will win the game.

 Simple Survivor Games

You can use this type of game if the party includes kids, as well.

Scavenger Hunt– Hide some objects in your party place and then ask the participants to find them out.

Tribal Flags– Divide the participants into groups and then provide them with the necessary items and ask them to design a flag.

Tribal Council– Ask all the guests to sit in a circle. Write each member’s name in a paper and put them in a bucket. Then the host is supposed to pick randomly and assign a task, and they have to complete. Failing to do so will lead to losing a point.


n this context, we have discussed the various types of survivor party games.

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