Surviving Tsunami: Measures To Take At Various Stages To Be Safe

Surviving Tsunami: Measures To Take At Various Stages To Be Safe

Surviving tsunami is not completely impossible when you can take certain measures beforehand and during the time. A tsunami can cause extreme disasters to the land, killing and injuring people, destroying infrastructure with the waves. These series of waves, created by enormous ocean waves, start due to underwater landslides, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. Tsunami has the power to travel at least 20-30 miles per hour, and the waves can be as high as 10-100 feet. When waves of such height hit the ground, it creates floods, disruption in regular life.

surviving earthquake
Surviving Tsunami: Measures To Take At Various Stages To Be Safe

Surviving Tsunami: Under A Warning!

If your area is under a tsunami warning, you must know how to keep yourself safe. Firstly, you have to deal with the earthquake. It is best to move towards the high land or the far inland if there are any. You should be alert when the tsunami alert signs are emerging.

There might be a sudden rise of huge waves or even draining of ocean waters. You can also listen to various alerts and emergency information. It is best to evacuate to a safe location immediately when you hear an official warning of the disaster. In case you are on a boat, it is better that you go far from the shore.

Preparation To Take Now

  • If you live in a tsunami-prone area, you must know about the risks. Those communities who are at risk of tsunami effect, mostly have maps that showcase evacuation zones and routes. In case you are visiting such a location, ask for the community plans first.
  • It is best to potential signs of tsunami-like the earthquake, ocean-roar, or any unusual behavior in the ocean. Sometimes, walls of water rise way too high or water start to drain away, showing off the too much ocean floor.
  • When you live in a tsunami-prone area, you should consider having flood insurance and an earthquake insurance policy. The standard homeowner’s insurance won’t cover any damage due to natural disaster. It is best to have any national disaster insurance policy.

Surviving Tsunami: During The Hit

When you are in an area where the tsunami will hit, you will experience an earthquake. In that time, you have to protect yourself from the wrath of the massive earthquake. It is best to drop yourself on the ground to your knees and hands. Make sure you cover your neck and head with arms.

You can hold onto any sturdy object till the time the shaking stops. If you see a better cover, you can also crawl towards it. But if there is more debris before you, stay on the spot. Now, if there are signs of tsunami strikes after the earthquake, evacuate from the space to high-land areas and far inland.  

If you are out in the water, it is better if you hold onto something that floats no matter what. In case you are in the boat, it is time to go out to the sea, rather than staying near the land.

How to survive tsunami
Surviving Tsunami: Measures To Take At Various Stages To Be Safe

Staying Safe After The Tsunami Overs

When the tsunami hits, it creates extreme devastation to the area. So, you must stay alert to information about shelter locations and avoid other areas. Do not walk in the floodwater, as there can be dangerous debris, and the water level might be too deep. As many wires get uprooted, water can be electrocuted. In this time, it is best not to move without the help of officials.

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