Survive On Raft: Helpful Advice For Survivors


Adventure at sea can provide some beautiful memories. You cannot even predict what will happen at the next moment. However, there are also chances of some unusual incidents in the water. Hence, you also need to prepare yourself for it. We often heard various survival stories on the sea. In this article, we are going to describe the tips to survive on a raft in the sea. You can use these survival skills to save your and others’ lives. Therefore, individuals must read this article very attentively until the last.

Survive On Raft: Helpful Advice For Survivors
Survive On Raft: Helpful Advice For Survivors
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Helpful Advice For Survival

Check the physical condition of every member of the raft. Provide them with first aid if required. Place the seasickness pills under your tongue. Otherwise, seasickness or vomiting can increase the chances of dehydration. Float in a group if there is more than one raft. Try to use all the available things to make contact with the rescuers. Raise the flag or kite if you have. Use lasers or mirrors to give signals for help. Use fire only when you see a specific ship near you.

Keep your raft balanced all the time. The heavier person must be in the center. Do not throw any item unnecessarily. Even the small object can be precious at that time. Wrap the sharp things to avoid puncturing. One intelligent person needs to take charge of the raft. Assign every person some responsibility like food collector, signaler, etc. Furthermore, check the inflation on the raft after regular intervals. Use a compass or famous stars to go in the right direction.

Tips In Cold Climate: Put suit or some extra clothing to keep the body warm. Try to keep the floor of the raft dry. You can cover it with some cloth or insulation. Move enough for the proper circulation of blood.

Tips In Hot Weather: Use canopy or sunshade. Do not give exposure to direct sun to the skin. To protect your skin, use sunburn cream, or cover it with the cloth. Try to keep quiet to save your energy.

Survive On Raft: Helpful Advice For Survivors
Survive On Raft: Helpful Advice For Survivors

Finding Water: Survive On Raft

Use water very efficiently on the raft. You do not know how much time it can take to escape. Keep your body away from direct sunlight to avoid sweating. Furthermore, eat less to save water. Take proper rest and sleep. Do not use seawater for drinking. You can collect the rainwater to drink. However, avoid to use water from the first rain. You can also use the fish to get water. There is fluid in the fish near the spine. You can cut the fish and drink that fluid.

Finding Food: Survive On Raft

The primary source of food in the sea is fish. However, some fishes are dangerous to eat. Never eat the one having flabby skin, shiny gills, unpleasant odor, or sunken eyes. The eatable fish has opposite traits. The other things that you can eat in the sea are birds, sea turtles, or plankton.

Tips To Avoid Sharks

Stay in groups in your raft. A group can threaten and fight the shark. Do not stay unclothed. The shark attacks firstly the unclothed ones.  If you see a shark, keep quiet and do not move. Throw urinate and vomit away from your raft. If it attacks, do not frighten. Instead, fight back and hit it near the eyes and nose with something.

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