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There are so many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting, which are performed for several reasons. From, sports, exercise, or just recreation, a lot of people enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. However, with spending time outside comes unforeseeable circumstances and the possibility of getting trapped outside. You might find yourself struggling for survival if you do not have the knowledge of a few basic skills.

Here are some useful survival tips in the wilderness for you.

Start A Fire

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If you find yourself trapped outside, it is important that you keep yourself warm.

You also need to scare off wild animals from attacking, so lighting a fire is a necessary skill.

It is best to use dry sticks and leaves to make your fire so that the flames do not get quenched by strong winds or moist surroundings. You can start a fire using a lighter, matches, or by striking rocks against each other.

Build A Shelter

If you find yourself without tents or tarps, fallen trees or caves may act as temporary refuges. You can also use sticks, stones, and leaves found in the woods to create shelters. Building shelters will help to protect you from animals and direct contact with weather components such as rain or sunlight. It is best to place the shelters away from the ground and near sources of warmth, such as that provided by a fire.

Gather Food

When heading outdoors, endeavor to pack non-perishable and canned foodstuffs. Avoid fresh items and cooked foods because these could easily get spoilt. You should take care while scavenging for food because some may be poisonous. Therefore, it is advisable to eat only recognized foods or fruits. Capturing animals and cooking them are also a good source of food and nutrients but this would require setting traps or nets. It is best to cook food and dispose of the waste at areas away from the shelters to avoid attracting animals and insects.  

Drink Water

It is advisable to drink water regularly because exercise and physical activities also make you thirstier. Dehydration and drinking contaminated water can cause problems when are stuck outdoors. Therefore, you should also carry water bottles, purifiers, filters, or activated charcoal when making outdoor trips. If you do not have any of this, then water fetched from any source should be boiled first. Water gotten from flowing sources is better than stagnant ones which may contain insects and germs. It is advisable to rest and move slowly when you are running low on water to conserve energy and minimize water loss.


With the necessary precautions, the outdoors can be fun and enjoyable.  In addition to these tips, you should be watchful while walking through the woods, because of traps, wild animals, and dangerous terrains. You should also learn how to carry out basic first aid in the event of any injuries. Also, it is best to remain in groups for warmth and protection. You can also use plants, unusual marks, and bits of thread for navigation when outdoors. Finally, always maintain a positive attitude and do not panic. Remember, stay safe out there!

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