5 Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

It’s important to teach yourself some survival skills that will bring you back home safely from any emergency. Take note though that there are still plenty of survival skills to learn from, the following are the most basic and the ones that everyone should master.

1. How To Find Drinkable Water

5 Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

Water is the first thing that you need to survive in an emergency. Finding drinkable water is the first survival skill that you should master. Water plays an essential role in your survival especially if you are in the wilderness. Take note that our body is made up of 60% water. This also means that our body needs water to avoid dehydration.

Our body tissues are saturated with water. If these issues don’t receive enough amount of water, you start to dehydrate which is very bad especially if you’re trying to survive in the middle of a wilderness.

2. Building A Shelter

5 Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

If you are stranded in the desert, you’ll want something that will protect you from it, and that is a shelter. Building a shelter is one of the most important survival skills you need to learn. A tent will protect from almost anything that the wilderness can throw at you such as freezing temperatures, scorching heat, strong winds, snow, rain, and wildlife attacks.

Without shelter, you’ll be exposed to harmful elements in the wilderness especially during the night. The housing also provides you protection from predators that usually hunt for food during the night.

3. Starting A Fire

5 Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

5 Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

Next up in the survival skills list is learning how to start a fire from scratch. You can’t always rely on a match or a lighter to light up a fire in the wilderness. So, if you are serious about learning how to survive on your own, you have to learn how to create a fire on your own. Fire, like water, is an essential element needed for your survival. It is a lifesaver in all kinds of emergencies. It is known to provide heat, light, and smoke.

Fire is significant especially if you’re stranded in areas with colder temperatures. Hypothermia is one of the leading causes of death among people who are stranded in the wilderness. The heat from the fire will be enough to warm your bodies, dry your wet clothes, cook your meal, and provide light for you especially during nighttime.  The light can also be used as a means of keeping predators away during the night. The smoke from the fire can also be used as a signal to call for help.

4. Navigating Your Way Back to Safety

5 Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

It’s quite easy to lose your way in the middle of the wilderness, but it’s tough to find your way out of it. Getting lost in the desert is not the end for you though. You may lose your way, but it is still highly possible to find your way out of the wilderness if you know how to do it. If you take some time and study where your current location is, you’ll be able to figure a way out on your own. Therefore, navigating your way out back to safety is a survival skill that you must learn to master to survive in the middle of a wilderness.

5. Learn How to Administer First Aid

5 Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Learn

Of course, our survival skills list will not be complete if it doesn’t include first aid. It’s common to find yourself getting injured in most kinds of survival situation. Injuries are bound to happen during emergencies no matter how careful you are.

This is why you must learn how to administer first for any injury that can happen to you

during a survival situation. Whether it’s a severe wound or a simple sprained ankle, if you don’t know how to tend to these types of injuries, you’ll never be able to survive.

These skills are critical to your survival in the wilderness or any emergency. Take the time to master all of these skills so you are fully prepared for any emergency that might happen to you in the future.

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