Survival Pack Emergency Supplies Kit

Survival Pack Emergency Supplies Kit

Going into the wilderness is a great way to get the adrenaline rush that your veins require. You can be out in the wild or climbing up a mountain covered in snow. One thing you always need for all your adventures is an emergency kit for your survival. So today, we brought an emergency supply kit for people who love going out for adventures and want to live the life of a backpacker. 

You may think having a separate kit is not required if you are going on trekking with your friends, but that’s the mistake we all do, sometimes, you could be out on your own. And you had a bruise or a cut in your arms, but all your friends are quite far away from you. In that case, that cut stays open for a while and can get an infection. This is one of the examples of why you should be carrying your very own emergency kit.

Why Do You Need To Have An Emergency Kit?

First of all, when we say an emergency kit can save your life, we are not exaggerating. In truth, the emergency kit is the first line of defense when it comes to facing outdoor injuries. There are several different names, such as a disaster kit, a survival kit for the one kit. In addition to this, the primary purpose of the emergency kit is to provide essential supplies during the time of emergency. Moreover, these kits are made keeping in mind the safety and the survival of the person who’s using it in harsh conditions.

Emergency Can Happen Anywhere

A Disaster can happen anytime; in a blink of an eye, you could be facing a major natural disaster or worse things. If you think you don’t need an emergency kit as you live in that part of sate where nothing happens. Then you need to come out from your delusion. 

Survival Pack Emergency Supplies Kit
Survival Pack Emergency Supplies Kit

Emergency Kit Provides A sense Of Security

Disasters or emergencies are a part of the great unknown. We don’t know when it can happen, and when in nature, we don’t have much time to prepare ourselves up. Having a kit can give you peace of mind and gives you the confidence of being prepared.

Emergency Kits Are Easily Available

Money doesn’t matter when it comes to the safety of a person, and these survival kits are designed keeping the same thought in mind. The cost that you pay for buying a survival kit is almost negligible. When compared to the other things you take with you on travel. Starting at just 10$, you can easily buy a basic emergency kit from your local drug store. The more sophisticated package will cost more, but they are surely worth every penny.

Family, Friends, Fellow Travelers Will Thank You

In some cases, if the injury is severe, a single kit can’t help a person in his first aid. Sometimes more than two kits are required, and carrying one extra with you will always come handy. 

About The Product

Material: EVA+800D nylon cloth

Specification: 21 x 13 x 5CM

Product net weight 450g

Package Contents:

1 x Multi-function pliers

10 x Wipes

10 x Pins

Moreover, 10 x Alcohol tablets

10 x Iodophor tablets

1 x Bandage

2 x Tapes

1 x Whistle

In addition, it comes with 1 x Flashlight

1 x Defense pen

A Single Wire saw

1 x Multi-tools

2 x Hooks

1 x Multi-function knife card

Likewise, 1 x Scorpion

1 x Scissors

Furthermore, 1 x Single-sided compass

10 x Band-Aid

1 x Medical Gloves

2 x Double-headed cotton swab

2 x Pack Gauze bandage

1 x Lifesaving blanket

1 x Triangle towel

2 x Lumb bob

2 x Fishing gear connector

1 x Fish-shaped bait

2 x Fish float

Also, 1 x Fishline

1 x Breathing mask

Lastly, 1 x Medical bag

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