Survival Kit Items To Pack For Wilderness Journey

Survival Kit Items For The Indoor And Outdoor Space

Do you know that an average person can live without food for up to three weeks? On the contrary, no one can survive more than three days without water. Therefore, if you are new to journeys into the wilderness, like hiking, trekking, you must pack intelligent your survival kit items. So, first, you have to make a list of the items that will be in your survival kit.

When you have all the right survival items in your survival kit, it will enhance the risk of your surviving, even in critical situations. Here are a few important items that are must-have for your survival in the wilderness.

Survival Kit Items: Fire Starter

You are unlikely to get fire igniting items in the wilderness. So, it is a clever idea to have fire starter items on the list of a survival kit. After all, you will need fire to survive in the cold, or cook a meal, or fight with the hungry predators. Along with the fire starter items, you must have fire starting skills and means to start the fire. That’s why you will need at least three types of trusty fire starter items in your survival kit pack.

Survival Kit Items To Pack For Wilderness Journey
Survival Kit Items To Pack For Wilderness Journey

Survival Knife

In forest areas or mountains, if you are on your own, you have to cut lots of chores during a survival situation. In this situation, having a survival knife is extremely valuable. You should never forget to pack a sharp survival knife in your kit. The tool will serve you with its multi-purpose facilities in any situation. It should be so sharp that it can skin your hunt and cut the strings along with sharpening the sticks. There are many other chores you can do with the survival knife in a dire situation. You must have a relatable backup with you in case one knife is not enough.

First Aid Kit

No matter where you travel, you should keep your medical kit ready with you. You don’t know when you would need the items of the medical kit. The medical kit bag should be in your survival bag, as it is a critical item to have. Also, keep a medical kit in your vehicles. In your first aid kit, always keep a pressure dressing item to stop injury bleeding. Get a kit bag where you can organize the medical kits well.

Survival Kit Items To Pack For Wilderness Journey
Survival Kit Items To Pack For Wilderness Journey

Survival Kit Items: Map And Compass

Never ever forget about packing a map of the place you are traveling along with a compass. It will save you if you forget the path of the area. With the help of the map, you can reach your destination safely. It is best to have both a topography map and a road map inside the survival kit bag. You can pack these maps easily as they are lightweight. When you have a compass to accompany, you will read the map right and won’t get lost. However, if you don’t own a compass, you may go in the wrong direction. 

Bow Saw

With the bow saw, you can survive on a cold night under the sky. But, for the purpose, you should get a durable, metal and lightweight saw. With the bow saw, you can cut logs and make firewood if it is necessary. You can cut down any big branches, for making a survival shelter in the woods. As cutting branches or logs become easy, you will be able to cook your hunt or any food you have with you.

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