Survival Gear List In 2020

In this era of uncertainty, everyone looks for the best survival gear kit. Specifically, those who wish to live an adventurous lifestyle obviously need this. But at the same time, starting from a school going student to an office going professional, survival gear is felt essential for all. In this context, provided below is the best survival gear list in 2020. 

Satellite Communicator

It’s a fantastic tool deserving well to be in this best survival gear list in 2020. Among various features, its ability to text through the Iridium satellite network makes it exclusive. There remains a feature of location tracking as well as sharing. One can find a compass, barometer altimeter, as well as accelerometer in this package. Moreover, a user can deliver an SOS signal to the team available for rescue.  

Survival Shelter Tent for Emergency

Here comes another fantastic product that holds every right to be in this best survival gear list in 2020. It’s a fantastic tent that can easily accommodate two people pretty easily. Made up of thoroughly water-resistive material, it certainly works in all conditions. No need is to worry even about establishing. It can be done at a nominal time. The product is highly enduring, which can be used for several times.   

Survival Gear List In 2020
Survival Gear List In 2020

Off-Grid Coupling SMS & GPS Devices

These devices are incredible in terms of delivering texts and details of the location. The best part is that it can be used with both Android, as well as iOS devices. Enriched with encrypted mesh networking, it helps in keeping details private. No need is to worry about geographical restriction as it works fantastic over the globe.

Personal Water Filter – Survival Gear List

Those who often have to visit exterior locations certainly would need this. The filter is capable of screening out 99.9% bacteria. A single filter can be used in numerous ways. This is a BPA devoid water filter. No need to worry about the carriage, as it is supremely light. The best part, it doesn’t need any extra maintenance.

Survival Kit for Emergency

This is a wonderful product that is thoroughly water-resistive, coming with shock-proof characteristics. There is various survival tool along with handy tool card and 11 varieties of tools. There is an emergency blanket as well, along with whistle integrated.

Dual Portioned Emergency Blanket Survival Gear List

The most distinguishing aspect of the product indeed is its Mylar construction. The advantage of this construction is its ability to lower the extent of loss of heat. The product can contain about 90 percent of the temperature. With multiple blankets within the package, it works fine. It is quite user-friendly and supremely reflective.

Survival Gear List In 2020
Survival Gear List In 2020

Fire Starter Survivor Gear List

The product is quite sturdy being enriched with the metal striker, and that comes with a ferrocerium rod. Each segment remains integrated through the presence of a lanyard. This makes the product much reliable than ever. Moreover, this comes with an excellent emergency whistle on the lanyard. There is thorough rescue instruction provided for greater accomplishment. There are more than 8k strikes one can have through this.

Tactical Flashlight

The product comes with three types of light modes- extreme, moderate, and strobe. There are LED bulbs with around 300 lumens. One can enjoy both zooms in and out feature with the same product. The product is resistive to water, thrusts, and drops. It’s quite useful that it can be thoroughly compatible with traditional, as well as the batteries that can be recharged. 

Each of the products mentioned in this compilation holds every characteristic of being there in the best survival gear list in 2020. The products are thoroughly accomplishing from a feature perspective, as well as in terms of user-friendly characteristics.

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