Survival Gear Essentials

Survival Gear Essentials

Survival Gear EssentialsWhen it comes to emergencies, well-prepared survival gear is arguably one of the most important things to have with you. There are different kinds of survival gears. There are even sold commercially on stores. But most people would like their survival gear to be prepared personally by them.

It doesn’t matter though whether you bought your survival gear from a store if you’ve created it personally, what’s important is that it complete. Your survival gear must tailor according to your emergency needs.

Essentials Survival Gear

With that said, here are our top essentials that an emergency gear must have to ensure your safety and survival.

    • Emergency kit – This refers to your basic emergency kit which you can stash inside plastic freezer bags or in a backpack whenever you go for an outdoor adventure. It includes LED flashlights, a pocket knife, and a multi-tool.
    • Water filter – Water is essential for your survival. Unfortunately, you can only carry enough water in your backpack. It is where a water filter comes in handy. Most water bottles that are designed for outdoors fit with a built-in water filter. It is perfect for always having a clean water supply even if you are so deep in the woods during your trip.
    • Emergency foodFood supply is necessary for your survival gear. Same as water supply, you can’t pack up all the food you want in your backpack. It’s best to stuff up your bag with foods that are high in calories from high-energy food ration bars.
    • Shelter – Shelter is also an important essential when you are to venture deep into the woods. You’ll want a tent that is big when entirely laid out but is small enough to fit in your backpack. Don’t forget ropes as well because you won’t be able to set up your shelter without them.
    • Warmth – Staying warm is critical to your survival, especially if you are in the woods. For this purpose, we recommend that you stash in a couple of pocket hand warmers in your backpack.
    • Light – LED flashlights are a must have item for your survival gear. It’s best to get a lightweight LED flashlight that is super bright and long-lasting.
    • Communications – Communication is4 essential, as well. Who are you going to call for help if you don’t have an emergency battery-powered radio with you? That’s right, invest on a battery-powered radio to ensure that you can always call for help or rescue in case something happens to you deep in the woods.
    • Power – As for power, the only reasonable option here is a solar battery charger. It’ll help recharge your radio, cell phones, flashlights, etc. as you work your way out of the jungle.
    • First aid – You can never know what’s going to happen to you while in the jungle, so it’s essential to bring with you a reliable first aid kit. First aid kit is vital to survival gear. It includes pain relievers, antibiotics, bandages, safety pins, tweezers, and gauze dressings.
  • Sanitation – It’s also essential to stash your backpack with travel size toothpaste, soap, shampoos, and hand sanitizer for hygiene. There’s nothing wrong with keeping yourself clean as you try to survive deep in the jungle.


So that’s our survival gear essentials. If you get all of these items into your backpack, we can guarantee you that you’ll be able to survive in an emergency. Just remember to keep everything light if you don’t want to burden yourself with carrying a backpack that is full of heavy stuff. It’s not a real survival gear if it only slows you down.

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