Survival Foods- The Must-Have Non-Perishable Food


An emergency can arise at any moment due to the increase in pollution. Planning well in advance can help us sustain for days in crisis. Water and food are the essential stuff for individuals to survive. Moreover, preserving perishable food items is not possible. Non-perishable foodstuffs best suit these situations. You should store foods with high calorific value. A small meal can provide you with the nutrients. There are many commercial food items available in markets and online sites. You should store food for at least a week for the whole family. In case of an emergency, you can’t go to the store for collecting the food items. Therefore, saving certain essential things like food is a good idea. Non-perishable items are the best Survival Foods.

Survival Foods- The Must-Have Non-Perishable Food
Survival Foods- The Must-Have Non-Perishable Food

Some of the best survival food, which helps in sustenance for weeks are:

Long-Lasting Ones Are One Of The Best Survival Foods

Dehydrated meals, cereals, grains, seeds, etc. comes with a long life. You can easily store them for years. Moreover, keep them in the sun occasionally to avoid fungus. These are rich in fibers and carbohydrates. The lentils and seeds are rich sources of fats to the individuals. You can store these in air-tight containers or zip-lock bags. Therefore, buy these items in bulk for safety and economic purposes. Store some crackers and chocolates for the kids of your family, too.

The Nutritionally Dense Ones Are Also The Best Survival Foods

Cereal bars, lentils or beans, etc. offer minerals and proteins. Moreover, keep these in the freezer for better longevity. A limited amount of all these in your meal enriches the body for long. There are many food supplements available in the market. You can also buy these varieties of foodstuffs. However, protein helps in dealing with the cuts in the body. Proteins improve the bones, muscles, and cartilage of the individuals. Non-perishable protein supplements are best for survival. You can roast the packet meat products in the crisis moments.

Survival Foods- The Must-Have Non-Perishable Food
Survival Foods- The Must-Have Non-Perishable Food

The Fat Rich Diet Is Also Perfect For Survival

Peanut butter, ghee, almond oil, etc. are rich in fat content. Moreover, they act as a buffer to our system. It also improves our immune system. Preserving this is a bit tricky. However, you can easily store them for six months to 1 year. The fat content in a limited amount also helps to reduce inflammation of the body. A small bottle or pack of fatty food can help you survive for weeks.

Drinks Are Also Best

There are many drink essentials available in the market or stores. Moreover, fruit drinks or smoothies are rich in nutrients. You can easily store these drinks in the freezer for 1 or 2 years. There are also dry powders available in stores, which you can mix with water. You can easily carry this in places. Both the young and the old can consume this type of food. Therefore, keep a packet of dry juice powder or bottles of drinks.

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