Summer House’s Carl Radke ‘100 Percent’ Wants to Marry Lindsay Hubbard: ‘I’m in Awe of Her’

Summer House stars Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard began dating in 2021 after years as friends

Summer House's Carl Radke '100 Percent' Wants to Marry Lindsay Hubbard: 'I'm in Awe of Her'

Carl Radke is certain about his future Lindsay Hubbard.

The Summer House star exclusively told PEOPLE at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED red carpet that he “100 percent” plans to marry his costar–turned–best friend–turned–girlfriend.

Radke, 37, points to “the respect we have for each other” as to why the work as a couple: “I’m in awe of her as a person and getting more romantic has been just an amazing thing.”

The couple are moving in together after their relationship went from platonic to romantic over the course of six years while filming the Bravo series.

Lindsay Hubbard Reveals She and Carl Radke Are Moving in Together: ‘New Chapter’

“We have a lot of really good core things that I think any couple should have,” explained the Loverboy sales executive. “But as friends we were able to build that without being awkward.”

Hubbard — who was nominated for this year’s best reality star award — agreed and added that the pair formed a lasting connection because “as friends, you share similar interests. We always had similar interests in music and lifestyle and food.”

The 35-year-old public relations pro continued, “So now that we are romantic and in this romantic relationship, we still have that friendship and we just really enjoy each other’s company. Which I think is really important as you grow up and grow old.”

Summer House's Carl Radke '100 Percent' Wants to Marry Lindsay Hubbard: 'I'm in Awe of Her'

Though Hubbard and Radke officially started dating last summer, they only confirmed their relationship in January at the time the relationship was playing out on screen during season 6 of Summer House.

Summer House‘s Carl Radke Says Being in Therapy After Getting Sober Has Been ‘Liberating’

Radke and Hubbard discussed how their growth in the same direction has partly been helped by his Radke’s decision to get sober — and her support.

“I’m smiling because she’s one of the most important reasons why I was able to maintain and get to that one-year mark,” he told PEOPLE.

“I’m almost 17 months sober now,” he continued. “It’s been a gift for me personally, I’ve struggled over the years, but having her on my side — and she stopped drinking for a bit to kind of support me — it’s been a gift for me…. It’s been awesome.”

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