Staying Warm In Emergency: Insulation


Individuals must know the right way of insulating themselves and their cold weather shelters in survival situations. Just like double-pane windows are needed for insulting a home, you need to protect your body from outside elements. You can do this easily by trapping air in between the exteriors and also your body. Whether you live in the wilderness or an urban area, there are different materials you can effectively use for staying warm in an emergency.

Staying Warm In Emergency: Insulation
Staying Warm In Emergency: Insulation
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Staying Warm In Emergency – Insulation In The Wilderness

The different materials you can utilize for insulating your body and even your dwelling in the wilderness include grasses, fibrous plants, pine needles, barks, wood, snow, and wood. You can use any of these materials for creating a very thick layer both inside and outside your shelter.

Creating a complete layer of these materials will help in trapping air, which will further help in keeping heat within the shelter. However, you need to ensure your makeshift mattress is made of layers of very thick materials. Failing to have the right mattress can leave you susceptible to various issues caused by sleeping on the cold ground.

Staying Warm In An Emergency – Insulating Yourself Is Important

Insulating your body is more important than insulating your shelter during an emergency. It involves trapping air between the outside elements and your body. You can do this by shoving fibrous materials, cattails, grasses, or also dried leaves between layers of the clothes you are wearing.

Insulating Yourself In An Urban Area

Power outages are life-threatening emergencies during winter storms. These are times when temperatures start plummeting, and people need to work on immediate actions. The very first thing one can do is coming up with a very warm room. You will find it easy to heat a small pantry or closet instead of heating the whole house. Therefore, the very first thing you should do is get hold of a small closet or room and start the insulation procedure.

Urban areas are jam-packed with different materials perfect for keeping the human body warm. Materials like foam, plastic, cardboard, and also bedding materials keep the body protected and well-insulated from exterior elements. These materials can readily be used for keeping small closets or rooms well insulated during emergencies.

Staying Warm In Emergency: Insulation
Staying Warm In Emergency: Insulation

Other Materials That Can Be Used For Adding Extra Insulation

These include blankets, couch cushions, mattresses, and also towels. You can even line the walls of your house with these materials for trapping heat within the dwelling. Try layering clothes every time you wash them and also line them with crumpled paper towels or newspapers. You can also use other forms of insulation, depending on the number of people you have in your home.

Are many family members living in the same house? Then body heat might be sufficient for keeping the house at a tolerable temperature. You can choose different insulation materials based on what you are comfortable with.

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