4 Signs An Earthquake Is Coming

There are signs that will tell us if an earthquake is imminent.


Even with the advancements in our modern technology, there is still no proven way to predict an earthquake accurately. What’s possible right now though is that experts are now able to tell signs of a shock.

Experts have developed an earthquake early warning system that should help predict earthquakes. This is a great achievement already considering that shocks are so hard to predict because they are so inconsistent. Their behaviors are so different from one another. There are even some signs of an earthquake that lasts for a couple of seconds, hours, days, or even weeks. There are also times where an earthquake strikes suddenly without giving any signs at all.

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In this article, we’ll talk about the potential signs of an earthquake so you can stay prepared ahead of it. With that said here are the warning signs of an imminent shock.

1. Be Aware of the Reports Issued by the Local Authorities About Tremors in your Area

4 Signs Of An Earthquake
4 Signs Of An Earthquake

Tremors are usually felt before an earthquake. So, stay tuned to the local radio or TV news station about any orders or updates issued by the authorities about the tremors.

2. Watch Out for Sightings of So-Called “Earthquake Lights”

4 Signs Of An Earthquake

Most people have reported sightings of so-called “earthquake lights” seconds, hours, or days before an earthquake. They say that these are strange lights that are coming from the ground. Although there a scientific explanation is yet to be produced about these earthquake lights, it’s worth considering them as one of the signs of an earthquake.

3. Be Wary of Foreshocks or Tremors in the Ground That Can Leads to Earthquake

4 Signs Of An Earthquake
4 Signs Of An Earthquake

These tremors in the ground may not always occur though before an earthquake. But when they do happen, they are sure indication of a strong earthquake.

4. Take Note of the Unusual Changes in Behavior From Your Pets or Other Animals That You See

4 Signs Of An Earthquake
4 Signs Of An Earthquake

Some reports claim that animals such as birds, bears, cats, dogs, toads, etc. can identify if an earthquake is coming. They tend to leave their breeding grounds or homes just before an earthquake strikes. Experts are yet to find a scientific explanation as to how animals can sense an earthquake. But some experts say that animals can detect the changes in the electric field. While other experts say that they have superior senses which allows them to feel tremors in the ground that humans are not able to sense.

An excellent example of this is the chickens. Chickens are observed to stop laying eggs before an earthquake if you see that your hens have finished laying eggs so suddenly and for no reason, make sure that you alert your family about what to do in the event of an earthquake.

If you have catfish in your aquarium, they can tell you if there’s an incoming earthquake. Catfish can detect the changes in electric fields which usually happens before an earthquake. If you notice that your catfish is thrashing around inside the quake with no reason, it is safe to believe that there is an earthquake about to happen.

Domestic animals like dogs and cats can also detect earthquakes before humans can sense them. If your dog or cat starts to behave erratically or seems to be frightened without no reason, it’s a sign that an earthquake is coming.

Predicting when an earthquake is about to strike is still impossible these days. So, we can’t do anything to prevent them from happening. What we can do, however, is to prepare and train ourselves on what you need to ensure your safety and survival during an earthquake.

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