RHOBH: Kyle Frets She Must Pick Either Sides After Aspen Fallout

“I’m not sure what happens from here,” Kyle Richards said during Wednesday’s season 12 finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHOBH: Kyle Frets She Must Pick Either Sides After Aspen Fallout

Lisa Rinna’s refusal to accept Kathy Hilton’s apology continued to make Kyle Richards very uncomfortable during the season 12 finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kyle, 53, and Lisa, 59, attended two very swanky events on last night’s finale — and the disastrous Aspen trip was a topic of conversation at both, much to the dismay of the Halloween Ends star. The first of them was at Garcelle Beauvais’ Birkins & Bubbles party, which took place the day after Kathy, 63, went to apologize to her sister Kyle and Lisa.

There was a great deal of tension between the longtime friends, especially as it became clear that Kyle wanted to move on while Lisa was more interested in harping on the matter.

Crystal Kung Minkoff, Sutton Stracke and Sheree Zampino were also in attendance. (Erika Girardi, Dorit Kemsley and Diana Jenkins were unable to be there but they all made it to Kyle’s black-tie event later in the episode.)

At the Birkins & Bubbles party, Kyle told Garcelle, 55, how important her family is to her and how she’s been uncomfortable by all of the drama. “If Kyle wants to sweep it under the rug to keep her family intact, then Rinna butt out of it,” Garcelle said in a confessional.

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Though it didn’t appear as though Kyle had completely forgiven her sister, it was very clear that she wanted to patch things up with Kathy and move forward. “It’s not just my relationship with my sisters,” Kyle said in her confessional, adding that past fights with her sisters have stopped her from seeing her nieces and nephews. “Paris [Hilton] and Nicky [Hilton] are like my little sisters. So, I wouldn’t just be losing one person. There’s a lot more to lose.”

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The only things stopping Kyle from moving on entirely were Lisa’s refusal to let things go and someone leaking information about Kathy’s meltdown to the press.

Lisa reiterated to everyone at the party that she had locked herself in her bedroom on the night of Kathy’s tirade. “I was shook because of the behavior that was going on,” she said when Garcelle asked why she went on lockdown, adding how scared she was.

Kyle, once again, made her discomfort very clear.

RHOBH: Kyle Frets She Must Pick Either Sides After Aspen Fallout

“Just accept the apology and move on,” Kyle reiterated in her confessional. “But Rinna can be a bit of a dog with a bone. I feel Rinna is now more upset about the fact she had to witness this than looking after me. Lisa is putting me in a worse position.”

Kyle continued: “It’s not helping me for her to taunt my sister. I just want her to accept the apology and move on.”

The drama carried over to Kyle’s event. All the RHOBH women were in attendance except for Kathy. But according to Kyle, Kathy had a good reason to not attend since she was out of town.

In the car ride to Kyle’s event, Lisa told Erika she’d received numerous calls that week from her publicist, who told her that Kathy’s lawyers were trying to kill the story. “As much as Kathy would like to silence me, she knows what she did. She acted like a fool at that club. Her behavior was disgusting. So now, all of a sudden, the press has gotten a hold of it. It’s everywhere,” Lisa said in a confessional.

At the party, Kyle told Crystal, 39, she knew the story had been leaked. Pointing out how Lisa and Erika were the most upset by what happened, Kyle alluded to it being from one of them.

RHOBH: Kyle Frets She Must Pick Either Sides After Aspen Fallout

“It’s not like everyone around here is an angel. You don’t get to decide what apology is acceptable, or what somebody needs to do to be forgiven,” Kyle said. “Was she an asshole? She was.”

Kyle added that if people cared about her, they’d drop it. “I’m the one who is going to be hurt in the end. My children,” she then continued to tell Crystal.

“That’s exactly how I feel,” Crystal replied, pointing out that Erika and Lisa just arrived at the event.

As everyone sat down for dinner, Garcelle told Kyle she’d spoken with Kathy that day and that she was not happy that the story was circulating. The former Real co-host also said that the story being told didn’t make Kathy look good. Kyle then told Garcelle that Kathy had apologized to her and Lisa.

“I don’t want to cause a problem between my friends and my sister,” Kyle said.

Garcelle quickly cut her off by saying, “Well, your friends don’t seem to care about you cause if they did, they’d let it go.” Garcelle then said she felt this was all to move the conversation away from Erika, who has been entangled in a series of lawsuits following her divorce from Tom Girardi.

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“I think Kathy is pissed, I think she feels Rinna maybe shouldn’t have made her apologize. I don’t know what happened, but Rinna is not letting up, it may really hurt Kyle and Kathy’s relationship,” Garcelle said in a confessional. “Is that worth it? I don’t know. Only Rinna knows.”

Garcelle added that if Lisa and Erika really cared for Kyle, they’d stop talking about it. “So, this is their agenda.”

As the women gathered after dinner, Garcelle said if Kathy had apologized, it should be dropped. Lisa didn’t take this too well and questioned Garcelle’s attitude on the matter.

“I want everyone at my daughter’s wedding, that’s all I want,” Kyle then said, almost pleading for the women to let it go.

Still, Lisa wouldn’t back down. She told the group Kathy was “saying things that could ruin people’s lives forever.”

Kyle revealed in her confessional that she was told by a reliable source that there was someone in the group leaking information to the press. Kathy, she explained, had launched an investigation and discovered it was someone on Erika’s team who did it.

RHOBH: Kyle Frets She Must Pick Either Sides After Aspen Fallout

“Someone wants my sister to look bad so that they don’t look as bad,” Kyle told a shocked Dorit, 46.

“Point blank, did either one of you leak information to the press?” Sutton, 51, then asked Erika and Lisa as everyone was about to leave. Both women denied it, though Kyle pointed a finger straight at Erika as she said: “It was someone who works for you. A publicist.”

Erika denied the allegation, stating that she shares a publicist with Kathy’s daughter Nicky. The singer suggested that it would not be in her publicist’s best interest to do something of that caliber to his other high-profile client.

“How convenient to accuse my publicist of press leaks. You know what, your sister made an ass out of herself in public and everyone saw it. It’s really disappointing to see Kyle try to flip this back on me,” Erika vented in a confessional, adding that Kyle is afraid of Kathy.

As Kyle struggled to wrap her head around the accusations and denials, she stood her ground that someone tried to make Kathy look bad to take the negative spotlight off Erika.

“I’m not sure what happens from here,” Kyle said in a confessional. “If I’m forced to choose between my two friends and my sister, regardless of what happened, it’s my blood.”

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