Princess Anne’s home garden will blow your mind

Princess Anne's home garden will blow your mind

> The Princess Royal lives at Gatcombe Park with Zara and Mike Tindall, and Peter and Autumn Phillips, and her house has the most incredible garden.

Princess Anne lives on the Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire, and the gardens are truly jaw-dropping.

The Grade-II listed manor house is set within 730 acres of parkland, including its own private horse stables, pig farm and lakes.

The Princess Royal tends to keep her home as private as possible, but she debuted her farm for the first time in July in honour of her new ITV documentary, The Princess Royal at 70.

A series of three images were shared on the official royal family Instagram account, including a look at the outdoor stables for her horses, and a pig pen with a metal fence and wooden plinths.

Princess Anne's home garden will blow your mind

An aerial view of the home also showed just how much outdoor space the home really has. At the front of the property, there are two large lakes, as well as outhouses, occupied by other members of the family, and some of which are used when the grounds are opened for public horse trials.

A lengthy driveway is situated in front of the property, running across either side.

Behind the home is a forest of tall trees, no doubt allowing the Princess Royal and her family to stay as private as possible.

Princess Anne's home garden will blow your mind

Princess Anne resides in the main building with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence, while her daughter Zara Phillips and her husband Mike Tindall live in a separate house, as well as her son Peter Phillips and his ex-wife Autumn. Peter and Autumn made the decision to continue living on the same grounds after they announced their divorce, in order to provide a stable support system for their two daughters.

Princess Anne previously opened up about her life on the estate and her affinity for working on the farm. “It’s really nice to come back and just be yourself in an area like this,” she explained to Countryfile. “Being able to take on a place like this – for me, I’ve got to make it work. This is not something that comes free, this has got to pay its way, otherwise I can’t stay here.” 

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