Prince Philip’s ‘real’ personality revealed by former royal chef

Prince Philip's 'real' personality revealed by former royal chef

> Ahead of BBC One’s documentary on Prince Philip, HELLO! speaks to former royal chef Graham Tinsley on remembering the Duke’s ‘real’ personality

Despite being one of the most important members of the royal family, Prince Philip will long be remembered for his charm and wicked sense of humour. His most memorable quotes and witty one-liners remain in the hearts and minds of royal fans – and those who worked closely with him.

Former royal chef Graham Tinsley MBE catered for many a royal banquet where the Duke of Edinburgh was present. Speaking exclusively to HELLO!, the former manager of the Welsh Culinary Team gives a rare insight into the ‘real’ Prince Philip, and how his cheeky personality almost got him in trouble with the Queen.

“Meeting Prince Phillip was definitely a highlight of my career,” said Graham. “Some of the things he came out with when you met him were hilarious.”

Explaining the protocol following a royal banquet, Graham explained: “When you’re part of a royal culinary team, you always line up in your chef’s whites following a dinner or lunch so the royals can say ‘thank you’.

Prince Philip's 'real' personality revealed by former royal chef

A preview of BBC One‘s upcoming documentary remembering the life of the Duke was shared by Clarence House on Monday. Prince Philip with a young Prince Charles and Princess Anne can be seen riding bicycles as their aunt, Princess Margaret, chases after the trio.

Charles, 72, says of his father: “He was marvellous at arranging silly games. I mean, the fun of having obviously young parents was… there were lots of chasing around and mad things.”

Prince Philip's 'real' personality revealed by former royal chef

In another clip shared by the royal family’s social media accounts, Anne, 71, recalls fishing with her father in Scotland, saying: “I always said I couldn’t catch anything and he’d say, ‘Nonsense, come with me.’ And after I had been casting for about half an hour, he said, ‘I see what you mean.’ And I just knew it was something I could never do.”

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