Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new living room unveiled: see inside their £15million home

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new living room unveiled: see inside their £15million home

> Prince Harry and Meghan Markle home: see inside their living room at the £15million house owned by Tyler Perry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been temporarily staying at Tyler Perry’s £15million mansion in the Beverly Ridge Estate of LA, and Tyler’s past photos at the property give fans an inside look at their living room.

In 2016, Tyler shared a video of himself in the space. It features high ceilings with a beige colour scheme including two leather sofas and a selection of coordinating side lamps. There are wooden floors with patterned rugs, and large marble plinths and arches leading to different areas of the home.

Harry and Meghan’s living room also has a black grand piano, which Tyler photographed when Stevie Wonder played at his birthday party in 2014. It sits in front of tall windows, with curtains laced with gold thread.

Tyler shared another photo of what is now Harry and Meghan’s living room at Christmas time, when he switched his grand piano out of its corner for a tall tree. His picture revealed a large chandelier, and an archway leading into the dining room. The arch sits below a large painting, which is lit up with spotlights.

 As for the dining room, the regal aesthetic continues with lime green walls featuring classical paintings, a white marble fireplace, another chandelier, and an extensive dining table with leather-backed chairs.

The home was built in 2012 over 24,500 square feet, and while it seems to have everything Harry and Meghan could need, the couple are still on the hunt for their permanent home. So far, they are believed to have shown interest in Kylie Jenner’s former mansion, Petra Manor, as well as Mel Gibson’s £11million home in Malibu. Speculation was sparked regarding Mel’s property after a real estate agent shared an Instagram post stating that the couple had bought the property, but they immediately deleted the post after they were contacted for comment by the Sun. 

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