Prince Charles to make surprise appearance in ITV reality show

Prince Charles to make surprise appearance in ITV reality show

> The Prince of Wales is set to make his reality show debut when he makes a surprise appearance on ITV’s Keeping Up With The Aristocrats on Monday – get the details

ITV reality series Keeping Up With The Aristocrats is set to air its final episode on Monday evening, and viewers can look forward to seeing an extra special guest star.

It’s been revealed that Prince Charles will make a surprise appearance on the reality show which follows four of Britain’s prominent aristocratic dynasties. In scenes filmed at Harrogate’s The Great Yorkshire Show, the Prince of Wales is captured on camera enjoying a conversation with two of the show’s stars, Lord Gerald and Lady Emma Fitzalan-Howard.

As the synopsis for the episode reads: “In this final episode, Lord and Lady Fitzalan-Howard get the surprise of their lives when they bump into Prince Charles at the Great Yorkshire Show.  

“They’re window shopping for a new herd of cattle when Prince Charles stops to offer some words of advice – leaving the Fitzalan-Howards gobsmacked!

While the Duchess of Cornwall accompanied her husband to the prestigious farming event which took place in July 2021, she does not appear on camera. 

The 17th Duke of Norfolk’s son and his wife were left both surprised and delighted by the conversation with the heir to the British throne.  

Prince Charles to make surprise appearance in ITV reality show

After Charles walks away, Gerald says to his wife: “Good royal approval… This is good.”

Lady Gerald, who has previously appeared on Sky Atlantic’s Weekend Aristocrats, replies: “Well that was unexpected. Wow. What were the chances of that happening? He recognised you look like a toff. Guy is in the summer linen suit. Absolutely love it. That has literally made my day.”

Lord and Lady Fitzalan-Howard own the Grade I listed country home Carlton Towers in Yorkshire and appear on the ITV reality series alongside Lord Ivar Mountbatten, who is the third cousin once removed to the Queen. He is the first member of the Royal family to be openly in a same-sex relationship and appears on the show with his husband, James Coyle.

The series also follows multi Michelin Star award-winning chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, Alexandra Sitwell and her husband Rick Hayward and Russian Princess Olga Romanoff.

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