Prince Charles not invited to goddaughter & Princess Diana’s bridesmaid’s wedding

Prince Charles not invited to goddaughter & Princess Diana's bridesmaid's wedding

> Prince Charles hasn’t made the guestlist for his goddaughter and bridesmaid with Princess Diana, India Hicks, wedding.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana married with a total of five bridesmaids, including India Hicks, the granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Now, it is India’s turn to walk down the aisle, but the Prince of Wales, India’s godfather, won’t be present.

She announced her engagement to David Flint Wood, her partner of 25 years, in November, although her nuptials were originally planned for September before being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 means that Charles also won’t be in attendance. “He’s my godfather,” she said in an interview with the Daily Mail, “But we are just having the children’s godparents, and that’s it.”

In fact, India and David will host just 30 guests. “It’s going to be tiny,” she added. “Look, we even have the word tiny on the invitations. I want it to be cosy and meaningful, and I want to nip across the road to the pub afterwards.”

Nonetheless, India went on to explain that their relationship stands strong.

“I mean, he is very busy but I always have that lovely feeling that he is there. He’s remarkably good. He has that magical ability to make everyone feel special.

“I think I must have by now outgrown the godfather/goddaughter role. There must be a stage at which you stop being a godparent, and you stop needing a godparent. By 53, you’d think, I don’t need guidance, or that moral compass, but possibly I do!”

Prince Charles not invited to goddaughter & Princess Diana's bridesmaid's wedding

India was just 13 when she acted as bridesmaid for Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Charles has continued to send India a birthday gift every year, even in her adult years. India took to Instagram to reveal that for “years and years every birthday and every Christmas” she has received “confusing” gifts from the Prince including gravy boats and saucers. When she shared the post back in 2016, she concluded that she now has “a complete set of impressive fine English China”.

India’s own engagement came as a surprise after she affirmed that she never wanted to marry. 



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