Prepper First Aid- Certain Minor Things To Keep In Mind

Prepper First Aid is the best thing to have in life. An emergency can come in any situation. Therefore the instinct to remain all decked up helps the victim in need.  Although first aid knowledge remains vital for dealing with such a situation, from dressing a would keep the water filtered. Everything is necessary for a prepared situation. And human life is all about the unknown. We hardly know what is there waiting in the next minute. Therefore keeping the first aid near handy is a wise decision to make. 

Moreover, the knowledge of cleaning the wound and dressing it up also saves a lot of money. However, it also offers a victim with a lifesaver situation for the unknown future. 

Prepper First Aid- Certain Minor Things To Keep In Mind
Prepper First Aid- Certain Minor Things To Keep In Mind

What Is The Deal To Remain Alert To Avoid Emergency?

The basic knowledge of first aid is a vital issue to deal with. However, remaining very time ready is another point to keep in mind. The wounds might not be the same every time. However, we all know that there are deep to shallow wounds. Therefore having the basic knowledge of dressing the would is the primary concern here. For it saves the life of many.  

The internet floods with information. However, the doctor and the nurses will take a different view to look at those situations. The nurse who is specializing in wound care techniques will look at this wound care situation with a different perspective. 

The registered nurse witness a lot of victims and patients. And they like an angle that helps the one in great crisis. Therefore, they try level best to help the one in need. Well, for instance, the situation of an orthopedic nurse is somewhat the same. However, they get immerse possibilities to treat and cure patients with an emergency need. 

Now let us have a brief look at the first aid kit. 

Prepper First Aid- Certain Minor Things To Keep In Mind
Prepper First Aid- Certain Minor Things To Keep In Mind

Prepper First Aid: Some General Items For The Good First Aid Kit-

1. Well, the kit should have different sizes of band-aids.

2. After that, the bag should also have a 4×4 gauge.

3. After it also gets equipped with the 2×2 gauge.

4. After this should have different size ace wraps. 

5. Then another most essential item is the alcohol swab. 

6. After that, there must be the Silvasorb Gel(however you can also go for the alternative option in this case) 

7. After the first aid kit should have Coban( The alternative in this situation is the wet wrap)

8. ABD(The alternative is the feminine maxi pads)

9. Next is the presence of saline is a must

10. After that, there should be at-lest one pair of Nitrile gloves

11. Next is the Foam pads. (the experts prefers the Mepilex along with the Mepilex AG)

12. After that, keep the restore dressing in the first aid box.

13. Also, keep the Medihoney Calcium Alginate dressing

14. Keep some of the Hypafix adhesive tapes.

15. Then keep adapting to dressing in the first aid

16. Then save the 3” gauge in the kit.

17. A bandage scissor is a must in the kit. However, avoid getting the cheap variant.

18. And lastly but not the least medical tape. 

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