Natural Disasters And Their Causes


As is suggested by the name, natural disasters are ecological threats or disruptions exceeding the adjustment potential of affected communities.

These natural disasters are generally caused because of the constant changes in environmental patterns. They not only destroy properties but also have an effect on people and flora and fauna around. Storms, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, droughts, tornadoes, volcanoes, heat waves, forest fires, and hurricanes are some natural disasters and sudden events that can strike anytime and any part of the planet without any prior warning. Have you ever wondered, what causes these natural disasters? Let us have a look below:

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Natural Disasters And Their Causes
Natural Disasters And Their Causes

Natural Disasters – Floods

Floods have a major role to play in more than 90% natural events taking place across the world. These have both man-made and natural causes. Storms can result in floodwaters exceeding the potential of human-made structures and even the environment. Though dams and levees are put in place for dealing with such natural disasters, they are nothing but false securities. They do not do much when it comes to dealing with floods. An evident example of the inefficacy of dams and levees would be the Great Flood in the Mississippi River Valley that occurred in the year 1993. The flood taught people and responsible authorities a painful lesson. The destruction of the wetland was an evident cause of this natural disaster. Wetland destruction was, in a way, the removal of the natural medium of floodwater absorption.

Natural Disasters And Their Causes
Natural Disasters And Their Causes

Natural Disasters – Drought

Drought generally has a more widespread impact on the environment and the people in comparison to the other causes. Environmental damages and loss of food crops and land can wreak havoc on people. Secondary issues are leading to drought and these include compacted and dry soils resulting in erosion and topsoil loss. These secondary problems generally overshadow the immediate impacts of drought. Dry conditions can even result in excessive instances of fires. Experts are of the belief that global warming is the main cause of an increase in droughts. The changes in universal climate also have an important role to play in causing droughts.

Weather Events

Weather events have significantly increased over the years. There are notification systems in place for dealing with such disasters but still, vulnerabilities do exist as far as crop loss and property damages are concerned. Large scale development is also one common cause of weather events resulting in great destruction. Growth increases impervious surfaces like driveways and roads while leading to a decrease in fertile wetlands. Such scenarios result in flash flooding and floods. Experts also believe that weather events can even be caused due to a link between climate changes and global warming.

It is not possible to prevent all-natural disasters. Different natural events have their own complications and also factors. Having a clear understanding of the ecology can offer keys to lowering the effects of such disasters. So, in a way, they have led to the evolution of the environment. So, the right way of preventing natural disasters is looking for strategies available in the environment.

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