Most Devastating Floods In History


Floods are extremely dangerous. They have the potential to wipe out an entire city off the surface of the earth. In case you didn’t know, floods are one of the deadliest natural disasters in the world. They have been claiming human lives ever since ancient times. A lot of fatalities are usually caused by drowning in a flood. They can also cause starvation and cause diseases to spread. Water also becomes contaminated after a flood, resulting in deaths of countless human lives as well.

The most devastating floods in history brought destruction on the affected areas. These floods have destroyed entire ecosystems, cripple economies, and send even the most advanced societies back to stone age.

The list below is about the most devastating floods that became a nightmare for everyone. They now serve as a menacing reminder that we should never take for granted any flood.

1931 Yangtze River Flood

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Most Devastating Floods In History
Most Devastating Floods In History

The 1931 Yangtze River flood is among the deadliest natural disasters in human history. After several days of rainfall, the highly-populated area along the coasts of Yangtze River began to flood. Flood waters manage to cover an area of about 500-square-miles, leaving around 500,000 people homeless.

What made the flood extremely fatal though is not the water. Most of the deaths resulted from famine and the spread of disease. Rice fields were all completely destroyed which lead to widespread starvation in Southern China. The flood also manages to pollute the river, and as a result, infectious diseases were spread throughout the affected population.

All in all, an estimated 3.7 million people lost their lives after the 1931 Yangtze River flood.

1887 Yellow River Flood

Most Devastating Floods In History
Most Devastating Floods In History

Yellow River is historically known as the deadliest river in the world. The amount of human lives these river has claimed from the local population is definitely countless.

But the flood of 1887 caused by heavy rain, drowned 50,000 square miles of land. As a result, two million people were left homeless and 900,000 were dead in an instant because of the flood waters. The following famine and disease caused by the flood also managed to take more than a million lives.

Around 2 million people were reported to have died because of the 1887 Yellow River flood.

1938 Yellow River Flood

Most Devastating Floods In History
Most Devastating Floods In History

Although most floods are caused by natural events, the 1938 Yellow River flood was a man-made disaster. The Chinese military forces are on a war against Japanese invaders at the time. As their last line of defense, the Chinese forces decided to destroy the Yellow River’s dike system to fend off the Japanese invaders. The destruction of the dike system released destructive waves of flood waters that spread across the country for years.

This is one of the most devastating man-made disasters in human history. The loss of human life and the destruction it brought is so horrifying. Four million people were left homeless after the flood spread. An estimated 500,000-800,000 people were reported to have died as a result of the flood.


Most Devastating Floods In History

Let this list serve as a reminder and as a warning on how floods can be so devastating. The list of the most devastating floods in human history can still go on. There are still plenty of floods that has claimed thousands of lives that are not on this list.

Flooding disasters have claimed countless lives ever since ancient times. This is why we must never underestimate or overlook them. They can suddenly build up without you not realizing it. Disaster preparedness is still the best way to minimize the effects of a flood. You need to know about everything about floods especially if you are living in a low-lying area.

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