Meghan Markle’s surprising phone calls revealed – all the details

Meghan Markle's surprising phone calls revealed - all the details

> The Duchess of Sussex is campaigning for paid family leave in the US

The Duchess of Sussex has been reaching out to US senators about a subject close to her heart, it has been revealed.

Meghan personally called senators Shelley Moore Capito and Susan Collins to talk about the issue of paid family leave in the United States, Politico reports.

Capito told the outlet about the call, saying: “I’m in my car. I’m driving. It says caller ID blocked. Honestly … I thought it was Sen. Manchin. His calls come in blocked. And she goes ‘Sen. Capito?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘This is Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.”

Meanwhile, senator Kirsten Gilibrand revealed to Politico that she was the one who gave the phone numbers to the Duchess, adding: “She’s going to call some others, so I let them know in advance.

It comes after Meghan published an open letter to members of the United States Congress in support of a comprehensive paid leave program for new parents.

The Duchess, who is mum to Archie, two, and four-month-old Lilibet, shared her concerns that the country does not yet have comprehensive paid leave for all parents, calling on Congress to agree that “if we are to continue to be exceptional, then we can’t be the exception”.

She wrote: “Paid leave should be a national right, rather than a patchwork option limited to those whose employers have policies in place, or those who live in one of the few states where a leave program exists. 

“If we’re going to create a new era of family first policies, let’s make sure that includes a strong paid leave program for every American that’s guaranteed, accessible, and encouraged without stigma or penalty.”

Earlier this week, it was also revealed that Meghan treated workers from PL+US (Paid Leave US for the US) to Starbucks coffees as they worked overtime on the campaign.

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