Meghan Markle’s rainbow interiors are made for Instagram

Meghan Markle's rainbow interiors are made for Instagram

> Meghan Markle home: The Duchess of Sussex currently lives in Santa Barbara with her husband Prince Harry and their son Archie, and in the past she’s been a big fan of rainbow-coloured interiors.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed glimpses into their stylish surroundings at their £11million Montecito home, but even before Meghan met her prince, the actress lived in some beautiful properties – and she had the most amazing rainbow bookshelf!

When Meghan used to live in Toronto while filming Suits, she had a personal Instagram account and she gave her followers a real insight into her home life, even revealing the guest room where she had colour coordinated her entire bookshelf.

The photograph, which was shot in her spare room, included her dog Guy sat on the white sheets of the bed, and a white bookcase filled with an abundance of books.

Meghan Markle's rainbow interiors are made for Instagram

Meghan captioned the photo: “Oh, hello little Guy… Starting a library, are we? homesweethome #guestroom #guysroom #iching #adoptdontshop.” Her organisational skills clearly impressed fans, with one writing: “Colour coded books!”

This is an interiors trend we’ve seen grow in popularity on Instagram and Pinterest and the hashtag #rainbowbooks has over 66k posts on Instagram alone.

Meghan Markle's rainbow interiors are made for Instagram

While we haven’t yet seen any real pops of colour in Meghan’s current home, we can’t rule out a rainbow collection of books in their own library or perhaps in Archie’s room.

Another one of Meghan’s signature style tricks is using stacked books as a focal feature on a shelf or sideboard, and this hack has made its way to Montecito. In many video calls, we’ve seen the couple’s living room which includes a wooden sideboard decorated with coffee table books and in Toronto, Meghan used the same technique to add interest into her home.

Meghan Markle's rainbow interiors are made for Instagram

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also have a large celestine crystal displayed on their dresser. The stone is believed to be “best used for pursuing spiritual strength” and “gaining understanding and promoting inner peace”, and is also “used as a focus point of meditation, prayer or mindfulness”. In Meghan’s former lifestyle blog The Tig, she affirmed that meditation became “the quietude that rocked my world”.


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