Meghan Markle’s nickname revealed by special people in her life

Meghan Markle's nickname revealed by special people in her life

> Meghan Markle’s nickname has been revealed by some special people in her life. The former Suits actress is currently on a break from royal duties

In the Duchess of Sussex‘s former life before joining the royal family, she undertook a lot of charity work in both the United States and Canada, where she lived while she was working on the TV show Suits. And over the weekend, one of the charities who she had a special connection with, St. Felix Centre, Toronto, shared a touching tribute to Meghan on social media. The homeless charity posted a never-before-seen picture of the mother-of-one volunteering at the centre, which was accompanied by a sweet message dedicated to the royal. What’s more, the charity even disclosed the sweet nickname they had for her, revealing that she was known to them as “The lovely Meghan”.

Meghan Markle's nickname revealed by special people in her life

The post read: “We feel very grateful and honoured to have been highlighted by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle, as one of 12 charities doing important work worldwide. This photo has Meghan volunteering in our kitchen!” The charity added: “Meghan Markle was an active supporter and volunteer of St. Felix Centre during her time living in the city while working on Suits. She volunteered on a regular basis in our kitchen as part of our Community Meals Programme. The Duchess also donated food from the set of Suits, and on one Thanksgiving she brought in all the food, turkeys and the fixings for over 100 people.”

Meghan Markle's nickname revealed by special people in her life

The charity also expressed their gratitude towards the royal: “Through our Twitter account we responded to the announcement: ‘Thank you! Many people here have fond memories of Duchess Meghan volunteering with us – though we remember her just as ‘the lovely Meghan’. We’re happy to see she continues supporting vulnerable people now as a member of the Royal Family. We’d love for her to visit us again one day.'”

Currently, St. Felix Centre is encouraging people to get involved with their Lighting the Way Christmas initiative, which last year raised more than $30,000 for those in need. Each time the charity receives more funds, a light is lit on a virtual Christmas tree, until they reach the star at the top. The centre helps homeless people with its transitional home where they can stay and feel safe, while other services include community meals and a clothes bank.

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