Meghan Markle makes heartbreaking confession about royal life

Meghan Markle makes heartbreaking confession about royal life

> Meghan Markle made a heartbreaking confession about life in the public eye at the European premiere of The Lion King

In the clip, which was shared on Twitter account Royal Suitor, Pharrell can be heard praising Meghan and Harry’s “wonderful union”. He said: “So happy for your union. Love is amazing. It’s wonderful. Don’t ever take that for granted but what it means in today’s climate, I just wanted to tell you it’s so significant for so many of us. Seriously. We cheer you guys on.” Meghan can be heard responding: “Thank you, they don’t make it easy.”

Sunday’s premiere marked one of Meghan and Harry’s first date nights since the arrival of their son Archie, in May. The royal couple enjoyed meeting all the cast and crew behind the Disney remake, in particular Beyoncé – who plays the voice of Nala in the movie – and her husband Jay-Z. The two couples spent time chatting to each other, and the conversation quickly turned to parenting. 

After Beyoncé told new mum Meghan that Archie was “so beautiful,” Harry then revealed that he was growing up quickly. He said that he mastered a new skill, and mimicked the newborn by stretching his neck, to which Beyoncé responded: “He’s holding his neck up?” The doting dad added that Archie is “not so little anymore.”

Jay-Z, meanwhile, gave the royal couple some advice about parenting, from his experience of being dad to seven-year-old Blue Ivy and two-year-old twins Rumi and Sir. “The best advice I can give you, always find time for yourself,” he said.

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