Kate Middleton changed plans for Giovanna Fletcher’s baby podcast – find out how

Kate Middleton changed plans for Giovanna Fletcher's baby podcast – find out how

> Revealed: how the Duchess of Cambridge changed the plans for Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast

The Duchess of Cambridge made her memorable podcast debut last year when she was interviewed by Giovanna Fletcher for the author’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast. Kate spoke openly about her passion for the Early Years, and it was her evident devotion and knowledge of the topic that influenced Giovanna to change her plans for the podcast series.

Giovanna, who has guest-edited our Back to School digital issue, told HELLO!: “Her passion for the Early Years is incredible, absolutely incredible.

“Before we recorded the podcast, there was always going to be another section within it that was with experts on the Early Years. But as soon as we finished, I said straight away, ‘We don’t need it, we absolutely don’t need it,’ because it undermines the Duchess’ involvement and her personal investment in it.”

Giovanna added: “I don’t think I’d ever heard her speak so much before on anything else, so it was definitely a proper insight into her and who she is. And I feel that weird sense of pride every time I see her do stuff now.

“I just think she’s absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see what she does for Early Years and the work that she continues to do because there’s so much passion there. She’s so aware of things that are going on and only good things can come from that.”

Kate Middleton changed plans for Giovanna Fletcher's baby podcast – find out how

Giovanna also revealed how she and Kate, also a mother-of-three to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, bonded over ‘mum guilt’: “It’s that whole mum guilt thing where your kids say, ‘Do you have to go to work today? Can’t you be here with me?’ So knowing that she has that too made me feel less alone about leaving my two-year-old who always wants me at home.”

Giovanna went on to say that talking to the Duchess for her podcast felt like chatting to any other regular mum. “Like with most people, as soon as they start talking about their kids, there’s a softness, it’s something that’s such a part of you,” said Giovanna. “She’s definitely very, very hands-on and fills her kids’ time with adventure.”

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