Jennifer Aniston Hasn’t Left California in Nearly 2 Years

Jennifer Aniston says she spent her time self-isolating during the pandemic doing lots of cooking, exercise, meditation and conversations


Jennifer Aniston has hunkered down for nearly two whole years.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Friends star revealed how she spent time in isolation due to the pandemic, estimating that she hasn’t left California in two years.

“I’m excited to get on a plane again — and terrified as well. I haven’t left California since January 2020. Courteney [Cox’s home] in Malibu is as far as I’ve been,” Aniston (who also filmed The Morning Show season 2 during the pandemic) explained of where she has been, adding, “It’s Sony studios, Courteney’s, the Batemans’ — there are, like, five houses I’ve been to.”

Aniston, 52, admitted that it “surprised” her that she “didn’t become bored immediately” while pausing on her work life and self-reflecting during quarantine.

“I loved cooking. I wasn’t brilliant at it, but I found ways to make eggs every which way and I became a lover of pasta again. Carbs are not the boogeyman,” she said of hobbies she picked up. “And then it was exercise and meditation and conversations. Like, you’d find yourself on a weekly Zoom circle where you’d get real metaphysical and woo-woo and talk about what’s it all about.”

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Jennifer Aniston Hasn't Left California in Nearly 2 Years

Aniston told THR that while the pandemic pause was beneficial in some ways, she plans on revving up her career projects in the coming years.

“I’m about to speed up and not be free for two years. But I’ll schedule it so that I get breaks in between, and not just go back to back to back. You need that time to recharge and be with your friends and your family and your dogs,” she said.

“I love to work, but I also love to not work. I’m really okay,” she added. “And this may be pandemic-related, because I went through a period of working nonstop with maybe a month or two off here and there for almost 25 years.”

Back in June, Aniston told PEOPLE about the importance she’s found in meditating “every day” amid the pandemic.

“I just have faith in a bigger picture, I guess,” she said at the time. “And I believe in humanity, even though there’s so much to discourage us from believing in it — but I do.”

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