Jed Wyatt Is Engaged to Ellen Decker: ‘Greatest Joy of my Life’

“With the tears flowing, Ellen Decker said yes to me,” The Bachelorette alum Jed Wyatt shared

Jed Wyatt Is Engaged to Ellen Decker: 'Greatest Joy of my Life'

Jed Wyatt has found his person.

The Bachelorette alum shared the sweet moment he got engaged to Ellen Decker in an emotional Instagram post on Sunday. Alongside photos of Wyatt, 28, on one knee, and kissing Decker in front of the sunset, Wyatt shared a caption about the romantic proposal.

It began with an ode to his future wife. “Ellen, you are the greatest joy of my life,” Wyatt wrote. “Getting to spend so much time with you has taught me so much. Above all, our ability to work through difficult situations has been very impressive. We never turn and run on each other, we face life head on and figure it out.”

Wyatt added, “We had people doubt us, and we would laugh. We had days where we drove each other nuts, and we would always come back to resolve. We’re rooted in a love deeper than anything I could have ever prayed for.”

The musician was honest as he hinted about the stress that a proposal causes, too. “Turns out, spending a few months knowing you’re going to propose to the woman of your dreams can take a toll,” he continued. “But every possible second of struggle that led to this moment was worth it.”

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Wyatt gushed about the personality traits he loves best in his future bride and shared that the moment he popped the question was a tearful one. “Ellen is the coolest, most fun, funny, down to earth, hardest working, healthiest eating, routine doing, long walking, breath of fresh air I’ve ever met,” Wyatt continued in the social media post. “Facts are this, I don’t remember what I said down there on one knee, but with the tears flowing, Ellen Decker said yes to me.

“I am elated to get to spend this life with you. I get to love you, protect you, support you, and buy you endless amounts of sprinkles. Waking up next to that ring on your hand the past couple days has been one of the happiest feelings I have felt in my life. You deserve it all, Ellen. Without further ado, how perfect is my fiancée.”

Wyatt first introduced his relationship with Decker on Instagram in December 2019. The initial post showed the pair ice skating, while holding hands. “Heart is smiling, knees are a little upset. 😂” he captioned the video.

Bachelorette fans first saw Wyatt on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Though he ended up receiving her final rose — and was briefly engaged to Brown — the relationship ended when rumors surfaced during the season that Wyatt had a girlfriend at home — Haley Stevens.

Brown opened up about the split to PEOPLE. “This is not the future I expected,” said. “I’m going through a lot of emotions right now. I’m mad, I’m sad. And other days I’m like, ‘What just happened to me?’

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She added, “It was heartbreaking. The foundation of what I believe love is is based on honesty and truth. If he loved me, wanted the best for me, why did he not give that to me? He always said he never wanted to hurt me, but he hurt me worse than anybody else did.

“I did feel remorse from him, but I still think he tried to justify that [relationship].”

Although Brown is now in a relationship of her own, there’s still a family tie to Wyatt’s history. Brown’s brother, Patrick Brown, is now engaged to Stevens.

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