Hurricane: How Do They Form And How Can You Prepare?

In this article, we’ll work on increasing the people’s awareness about hurricanes. We’ll discuss essential hurricane facts especially on how do they form and what are the necessary preparations to do ahead of it.

How Does A Hurricane Form?

Hurricane Facts: How Do They Form &How To Prepare For Them?

Hurricane Facts: How Do They Form &How To Prepare For Them?

All hurricanes start as merely a small weather disturbance in the middle of the ocean. But that small disturbance can quickly turn into a massive storm that will inevitably destroy everything on its path once it makes landfall.

The origins of a hurricane can be traced from the deserts of Africa. It starts as a simple disturbance which carried by the westerly winds of the desert. The small brawl begins to gather strength and mass as it turns into an unstable eddy and turns into a cloud system filled with thunderstorms as it moves towards the west coast of Africa.

As the could system slowly moves off the African continent and heads over the Atlantic Ocean, it is mixed with the warm, tropical air of the ocean and develops into a tropical depression. From here on out, its wind speed will increase significantly as it continues to head towards the west. If warm air from the ocean is continuously mixed into the tropical depression, it will, later on, become a tropical storm and finally, a hurricane.

There are instances in a year though wherein a major hurricane is created when all the right factors are met.

Why Are Hurricanes Dangerous?

Hurricane Facts: How Do They Form &How To Prepare For Them?

Hurricane Facts: How Do They Form &How To Prepare For Them?

Hurricanes are undoubtedly one of the most horrifying and destructive natural phenomena on our planet. This natural phenomenon starts as a small weather disturbance, but they can gradually turn into a destructive mega storm as it begins to gather strength and increase its size over the ocean.

Most hurricanes barely make landfall, but when they do, they can bring destruction on everything on its path and can sometimes cost thousands of lives. Hurricane Maria from last year, wreak havoc on the island nations of Dominica and Puerto Rico. The hurricane was responsible for more than $91.61 billion of damage to properties and infrastructure and claimed the lives of 3,057 people. That’s how destructive and deadly storms can be.

Hurricanes are so destructive and dangerous. The strong winds can blow away homes, buildings, cars, trees, and other properties. If you’re not careful, you might get hit by the flying debris. Hurricanes can also knock out the power in the area as power lines are also blown away by the strong winds. Strong winds can also cause storm surge on coastal regions.

Aside from the strong winds, heavy rainfall can also cause flooding in low-level areas and landslide in high-level zones. This is what makes a recovery and rescue operation after a major hurricane to be extremely difficult because the flooding and the landslide usually cut off transportation and communication especially in affected rural communities.

How Do I Prepare for A Hurricane?

Hurricane Facts: How Do They Form &How To Prepare For Them?

Hurricane Facts: How Do They Form &How To Prepare For Them?

Preparation is essential to ensure your safety and survival during a hurricane. Here are some tips on how to prepare ahead of a hurricane.

  • Stay informed about the hurricane. Stay tuned to the local radio and TV weather stations to get the latest news about the storm.
  • Create an evacuation plan. Create an adequate evacuation plan for you and your family. Be sure to relay your evacuation plan to every member of your family.
  • Pack emergency supplies. This includes food and water supply, battery-operated radio, flashlights, extra clothes, medicine, first aid kit, and many more.
  • Prepare your home. Protect your home from being blown away by the strong winds and excessive flooding.

So, these are the hurricane facts that you should know about. With proper knowledge and preparation, you should be able to stay safe completely during a hurricane.

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