Hunter Hayes Debuts Music Video for ‘Night and Day’

Hayes premieres the music video for his song “Night and Day” exclusively on PEOPLE

Hunter Hayes Debuts Music Video for 'Night and Day'

Hunter Hayes may be a heartthrob, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t face any issues in his relationships.

Premiering exclusively on PEOPLE, Hayes shares the music video for his song “Night and Day,” which finds the country crooner singing about a relationship and the mixed signals one receives as romance begins to blossom.

Switching between red and blue illuminated scenes, Hayes dances — in what he describes as his “first time doing real choreography in a video” — as he tries to sort through his partner’s emotions, as well as his own.

The video, which Hayes says “came together in 48 hours,” also features the singer using his other musical talents and playing both guitar and drums in between shots.

“We referenced back to things in former videos with me getting to play a few instruments so I’d feel at home as this whole album was made in my basement,” Hayes tells PEOPLE. “I got to break out of my comfort zone in general!”

Hunter Hayes Debuts Music Video for 'Night and Day'

Off of his 2019 LP, Wild Blue (Part I), Hayes sings on the respective track, “Baby, when the sun goes down / We make secrets we don’t talk about / Girl, you make the stars come out / And the difference is like night and day, night and day.”

“This particular song talks about someone acting two very opposite ways based on surroundings,” Hayes shared through commentary of the song to Genius. “Sometimes this is by design but even if, regardless, it’s a challenging place to be where you never fully know where you stand with someone because the way they interact with you can be so consistently polarizing.”

Hunter Hayes Hits ‘Reset’ with New Album: ‘This Was My Chance to Start Over as If No One Was Watching’

Wild Blue (Part 1) was released last summer and offered a way for the young country star to hit restart.

“This was my chance to start over as if no one was watching,” Hayes told PEOPLE in 2019.

Now, he say, “I’m so grateful for the people Wild Blue (Part 1) has put in my life and the beautiful things that have happened since we put this album out. The difference is like night and day. “

The album, which is set to the first part of a trilogy, was the singer’s first in four years after he faced a few bumps in the road, both professionally and personally.

But moving past that, Hayes was able to get back into the game, striving to get more music out, and make it as organic as possible. On this record, his fourth studio album, he co-wrote all of the songs and co-produced the entire project out of his Nashville home.

“At the end of the day,” Hayes said, “I love making music unfiltered and I love being me unfiltered, and I feel like that’s part of my purpose.”

Want to tell Hunter how you feel about his new video (and his dancing skills)? Now, you can text him at 337-221-9213!

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