How To Survive Stampede?

How To Survive Stampede?

What is a stampede? A stampede is any sudden and uncontrolled movement of people and animals in a crowd that leads to confusion, traffic congestion, accidents, and sometimes fatalities.

Unfortunately, most people, including schoolchildren, do not know how to describe stampede properly. To some extent, it can be explained only by considering the relative behavior of animals, people, and other objects in a crowd in relation to each other and their surroundings.

How To Survive Stampede?
How To Survive Stampede?

The behavior of animals and objects in relation to each other in movements can be easily observed and described by watching them during movements. It is important to understand that animals or objects that move away from others in response to danger are reacting to a threat and are not going about randomly. Animals that have been frightened or threatened will generally move away from other threats and seek safety from danger.

People’s Behavior 

People’s behavior in movement is important also. When a stampede occurs, the most important people to watch out for are the children who cannot react quickly enough to avoid being trampled or injured. They should be given extra care by adults should pay more attention to their children and try to divert them away from the area where the stampede is taking place.

In addition, animals and objects in a crowd cannot move or even react in response to changes in animal movement. Hence, they are completely defenseless when someone is trampling on them or otherwise disturbing them. It would be impossible for an animal to give any type of warning when threatened. Similarly, no single person or object can tell a group of people to leave or continue the movement in the direction of danger.

How to survive stampede? Although there is no way to predict how long a stampede may last, the best way to prevent a stampede is to protect the people in the path of the stampede. 

Seats –Stampede

Seats are of utmost importance. Children should always be seated in rows with adult children on either side. They should not be standing or walking near a row of seated children. Seated children will usually get trampled first, especially when the rush begins at school.

Running Water And Sudden Floods

Take appropriate precautions against running water and sudden floods of water. Having a good water supply is a big help in avoiding a rush. Water is also helpful in stopping people in their tracks in case of accidents caused by stampedes.

How To Survive Stampede?
How To Survive Stampede?

Normal Emergency Supplies – Stampede

Carry your normal emergency supplies of food, water, and first aid. Carry a pen and some paper to write on if you are stuck. Moreover, a flashlight if there is no sign of light coming from the source of the rush. Make sure that you have a spare change of clothes or a bag.

If you notice people in the rush getting trampled, get to them immediately. You can start asking them to walk and get to safety. Do not hesitate to help those that cannot walk.


In a stampede, even people who don’t seem to have a problem following instructions under different situations will find it hard to carry out their task of walking to safety. Keep them safe by protecting them and teaching them how to walk in a stampede. Be sure to use your best judgment.

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