How To Survive In The Mountains


To survive in the mountains you must be prepared and ready. As surviving in the mountains will put your survival and wilderness skills to test. This is why you need to learn how to start a fire, find drinkable water, hunting and looking for food, and coping with the sudden changes in temperatures.

Your odds of survival in the mountains also depends on your mental state. If you lose your cool and just panic while wandering around in the mountains, you’ll never get out of there. Most mountains are inhospitable and they are usually home to wild animals that will prey on you.

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Here are some tips on how to ensure your survival when going on a trip to the mountains.

Create A Plan

How To Survive In The Mountains
How To Survive In The Mountains

Just like other trips, going to the mountains also requires you to create a highly-detailed plan. This will include preparing your survival gear and first aid kit. With a plan in mind, you’ll be able to do what must be done once you get lost or stranded deep in the mountains.

If you think that you are only a mile away from the nearest civilization, try to trace the path that you took where you came from. But if you are miles away from civilization, it’s important not to panic and to stay put. If you are lost, it’s best if you stay put especially if you are still in low altitude locations. More resources will be available to you when you are in low altitude areas unlike high altitudes, where water and food can be so hard to find.

Make A Shelter

How To Survive In The Mountains
How To Survive In The Mountains

So, now that you’ve decided to stay put in your current location, the next thing to do is to create a shelter. A shelter is critical to your survival in the mountains as it will protect you from cold temperatures, wind, precipitation, and predators that hunt during the night.

Look for an ideal location for your shelter. If you can find a cave, that’s a good place to take shelter. Just don’t go too deep in the cave, though.

You can also create a shelter from scratch on your own. Find some large branches and place them diagonally on a fallen tree or a log. Use large leaves as your roof and walls to protect you from rain and cold temperatures. If you are in a snowy mountain, the best option for you is to create a snow cave or an igloo.

Start A Fire

How To Survive In The Mountains
How To Survive In The Mountains

Fire is also necessary for your survival in the mountains. This is why it’s important to learn how to start a fire from scratch especially if you are going to the mountains. You can also use a lighter or a match, if you bring them with you, to start a fire immediately.

Creating a fire on your own is simple. Just follow the steps below.

  • Create a fair amount of space where you can make fire circle using rocks. Rocks have the ability to absorb the heat of the fire, so use as many of them as possible.
  • Gather plenty of dry wood from around you and use them as fuel for your fire.
  • Use magnesium to start a fire, or if you bring them with you, matches or a lighter.

Collecting Water

How To Survive In The Mountains
How To Survive In The Mountains

There are plenty of water sources in the mountains but they are not safe for drinking. You need to boil the water first for at least five minutes to kill all bacteria. Snow and ice can also be used as a source of water. You just to need to melt it and boil it again before drinking.

Drinking water is, in fact, more important than food. Without water, you won’t be able to survive for more than three days.

Final Thoughts

Surviving the mountains is a tough ordeal, but if you follow the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to get out safely. Just don’t lose your cool and think positively at all times. This way you’ll be able to think clearly on what you need to do.

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