How To Survive In The Desert


Deserts are not always the most hospitable places in the world. You don’t really want to go wandering around in a desert and lost your way. Because once you do, it’ll be hard to track your way out of it.

But in the rare circumstance that you find yourself stranded or somehow you’ve lost your way in a desert, here are a couple of tips that’ll help you survive in this kind of extreme environment.

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Plan In Advance

How To Survive In The Desert
How To Survive In The Desert

You can’t just go on a trip without planning beforehand. Because if you do, you’re more likely to lose your track and get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The same goes for when having a trip to the desert. You need to create a highly-detailed plan. It must include the date, destination, and duration of the trip. It’s also important to indicate in your plan how are you going to get to your destination and back especially if you are going to the desert.

Bring Complete Survival Gear

How To Survive In The Desert
How To Survive In The Desert

It’s best if you can bring with you your complete survival gear when going to the desert. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but in case you get stranded in the middle of a scorching desert, you must include these items in your survival gear:  

  • First aid kit
  • Pocketknife
  • Multi-tool
  • Water purification tablets
  • Compass
  • A bandana, a dust mask, or a scarf as protection against sandstorms.
  • A match, a lighter, or anything that can immediately start a fire.
  • Flashlight, torch, or lantern as an emergency source of light.

Keep Covered At All Times

How To Survive In The Desert
How To Survive In The Desert

The desert can become extremely hot during the day and extremely cold during the night. This is why you need to cover yourself properly against the scorching heat of the day and freezing temperatures of the night.

Bring with you a hat or a hoodie so you can protect yourself from the heat of the sun. You also need to bring with you a pair of thin gloves to help minimize sweat loss. Keep in mind that losing too much body moisture can lead to heat stroke.

Bring Plenty Of Water Supply With You

How To Survive In The Desert
How To Survive In The Desert

Water is your number one friend when wandering around a desert. This is why it’s important to bring with you plenty of water supply. Don’t waste it though because it might take days for you to find the nearest source of water again. Just drink enough water that you need to keep your body moisturized and to prevent getting heat stroke.

Bring The Right Food Supply With You

How To Survive In The
How To Survive In The Desert

You can’t survive if you don’t eat so you need to bring a fair amount of it with you. Just like water, you need to conserve your food supply as well. Keep in mind that the more you eat, the thirstier you can be. Eat only when you feel hungry. Lastly, the food you bring with you must be rich in nutrients so you’ll have plenty of resistance and energy to last you while you find your way out of the desert.

Call For Help

How To Survive In The
How To Survive In The Desert

If you think that you have lost your way, it’s important that you immediately call for help. But that will be only possible if you bring with you the necessary equipment for signaling or calling help.

Final Thoughts

Getting lost or stranded in the desert may seem to be hopeless but if you have a complete gear with you and you know what you need to, your chances of survival is high. Just don’t panic and try to be as resourceful as you can. Your survival usually depends on your state of mind. Keep your cool so you can think properly on how to get out of this place.

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