How to Survive Hurricane And Other Natural Disasters -

How to Survive Hurricane And Other Natural Disasters

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When nature is furious, then human survival can be tough. Hurricane, cyclones, earthquakes, storms, volcanoes, etc. are some of the natural disasters that can cause lots of damage. So here is some advice that will help in handling these tough situations in a much better way.

Advance Preparations Are Needed In Case Of Hurricane

You have to learn to start preparing for these disasters in advance. One cannot do much when the accident is just around the corner. We need to focus on the different survival skills if such a situation arrives. Besides, we also need to be equipped with proper gear as well as appropriate supplies so that we can face these tough times in a better way. Every family needs to have an adequate emergency action plan in place.

How to Survive In A Hurricane And Other Natural Disasters

How to Survive In A Hurricane And Other Natural Disasters

Families Must Stock The Supplies

There are several things that you need to stock. You need to have food that you can consume without cooking. You need to have enough stock of non-perishable foods. Besides, you need to have enough stock of drinking water. You also need to have arrangements for flashlights and torches as the electric supplies might get affected. Furthermore, you also need to have first aid kits and medicines in case of disasters like a hurricane.

One Must Have In Your Emergency Kit

A battery powered radio is something that you must have in your emergency kit. It is one tool that is going to give you information about the weather condition or about evacuation orders, shelter instructions, and all other information that can save your life. Ideally, you must opt for a weather radio.

Stay Calm In Hurricane

One needs to remain calm. Yes, this can be difficult in a dangerous situation. However, if you panic, you might end up doing the wrong things. So, keep your cool and try to figure out what you need to do to survive this tough situation.

How to Survive In A Hurricane And Other Natural Disasters

How to Survive In A Hurricane And Other Natural Disasters

Learn To Differentiate Between Needs And Possessions

You have to learn the difference between need and possession. Drinking water is a need. Sadly, people end up trying to save their worldly possessions. They forget to make provisions for the things that they need.

Avoid Large Objects

At the time of disasters like hurricane, you need to try and avoid large objects. You must make sure that you are in the most stable part of the apartment or building. Do not remain close to windows or any other region, which is unstable.

A situation can arise when you run out of food and water. Try to avoid sweating and try to find groundwater. Take clear water, boil it, and only then use it. Yes and keep in mind that you cannot have the flood water. It is common sense that it is contaminated and can even kill you.

It is always better to make plans in advance to survive the worst disasters. That will surely help.

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