How to Survive A Human Stampede?


Stampede is the most common disaster when a large group of humans gathers in one area. Stampede can occur anytime, anywhere. During season sales such as Black Friday, people spend hours and hours waiting outside the shop. However, when the gates open, there’s a sudden surge of pressure from behind. So, the person at the front trip over and fall, which leads to stampede. Hence, we are going to talk about how you can prepare and survive a human stampede. And how to keep your children safe in this kind of scenario.

How to Survive A Human Stampede?
How to Survive A Human Stampede?

What Is Human Stampede?

A stampede can take your life. Don’t be surprised, but it’s the truth. A stampede occurred in 2010. It killed more than 340 people, resulting in a massive pile of bodies in Phnom Penh. 

Human stampede is the act of running uncontrolled in a concentrated space. When a lot of people in an area start running at the same time, it can eventually lead to a stampede. An actual stampede happens when people are running in fear. Or in the case of people running away from fire, or a collapse of a building. Anything that can create anxiety among a mass can lead to a human stampede.

Difference Between Stampede and Crushes?

A violent compression of bodies that causes destruction is said to be a crush. On the other hand, a stampede is an uncontrolled running of human masses in concentrated space. In the crush, people at the reception point gets crushed down. Moreover, stampede can cause injuries, but it’s very likely a human stampede can cause death. However, crushes may also result in a high number of deaths. 

How To Survive A Human Stampede?

Human stampede can occur anytime, and you could find yourself in one of them at any given time. So, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you go to any public gathering. Below are steps that you need to follow during a stampede disaster. 

Prepare Yourself For Stampede

Preparing yourself first hand is the most important thing. When you enter a closed hall, always have a map in your mind of the place, and make a mental note of the fire and emergency exist. In addition, you need to be aware of alternative exit points such as accessible windows.

Find A Cover

If a stampede happens and you can’t find an exit door try to look for a cover. Furthermore, in an indoor venue, you can find a side hallway or a closet where you can easily take shelter and hide from the stampede. When you are out in the open, try to find a tree. Or even cars, anything large enough which can easily handle the pressure of human bodies. Our suggestion for the free stampede is to find a large tree and climb it. That way, you are safe from other humans that are running relentlessly.

How to Survive A Human Stampede?
How to Survive A Human Stampede?

Keep On Moving In Human Stampede

Don’t stand still, keep on moving. More people get crushed due to the pressure of other humans when they are trying to save themselves by standing still. Also, keep your eyes open, and keep yourself away from the choke points.

Find A Non-obvious escape route

Humans, just like animals, work in a herd of sheep, and they too move in the same direction where others are running. If all the above strategies fail, try to find a hidden exit, witch no one is using. Like in a hotel, you can move out of the back kitchen. That way, you can quickly move away from the crowd and come out from a different exit. 

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