How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption

How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption

Volcanoes are mountains that usually have a downward opening which contains a reservoir of molten rock. If there’s too much pressure from the gases within the pool of molten rock, a volcanic eruption is imminent.

It’s worth noting though that volcanic eruptions are different from each other. It could be a magmatic, a phreatic, or a phreatomagmatic eruption in which lava, tephra, and gases shot are shot into the air from a vent. There are even some volcanic eruptions that don’t show more than one characteristic of an explosion, while others may reveal different aspects of a volcanic eruption at once.

A volcanic eruption is natural events, and there is nothing to be done to prevent them from happening, but if you happen to live or is currently on vacation near a volcano, it’s important to know how to stay safe if it erupts.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about volcanic eruptions. We will also give you essential tips on how to stay safe during a volcanic eruption.

The Dangers Of A Volcanic Eruption

How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption

How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption

When a volcano erupts, it will spew lava, rocks, ash, and poisonous out into the air. It shoots these things up to a hundred miles out of a volcanic vent. The lava will then flow on the slopes of the volcano and will continue to do so. Lava will then destroy everything that is on its path so it’s best to get away from a volcanic eruption as far as you can.

Aside from lava, you also need to worry about the poisonous gas and the ash released by the volcano after the eruption. These are dangerous to both young and old people alike once inhaled, as they can cause severe respiratory illness which can lead to death if left untreated. Volcanic ash can also cover buildings, houses, or anything that is a few kilometers away from the volcanic eruption.

Volcanic eruptions are one of the most dangerous natural disasters on Earth. To survive a volcanic eruption, one must be ready and equipped of knowledge about it.

Staying Safe During A Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic eruptions are unstoppable, but there are steps you can do to ensure your survival in case it happens.

  • Prepare a survival kit which contains food, water, clothing, and medicine. It’s also important to include a pair of breathing masks and goggles as well.
  • Be alert for any news about that implores you to evacuate. Be sure to follow the evacuation plan issued by the authorities.
  • Once the volcano erupts, it’s important to remain calm and alert. You don’t want to panic in this kind of situation.
  • Evacuate immediately once you are alerted by the authorities. This is to keep you safe from the flowing lava, flying debris, volcanic ash, and poisonous gases released by the volcano during the eruption.
  • Be aware of the mudflows as they move quicker than you thought.
  • Avoid evacuating to low-level areas.
  • Don’t be selfish and try to help other people as much as you can.

What To Do During A Volcanic Eruption

How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption

How To Stay Safe During A Volcanic Eruption

  • If you are not able to evacuate, stay inside your house. Be sure to close all the doors, windows, the chimney, vents of your air conditioners and furnaces to prevent volcanic ash and poisonous gases from coming inside your house.
  • Wear long sleeves and long pants as well.
  • Avoid any contact with volcanic ash as it can cause severe respiratory illness.
  • Wear goggles and breathing masks to protect yourself from poisonous gases and volcanic ash.
  • Don’t drive if there’s too much volcanic ash. Volcanic ash causes poor visibility on the road. They can even damage some of your vehicle’s components and leave them stalled.

Volcanic eruptions are not unstoppable, but we are still lucky because today we are now able to predict when these destructive natural disasters can happen. What’s left for us it to figure out how to stay safe during the eruption with the help of the tips mentioned above.

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