How To Prepare Yourself For An Earthquake?

How To Prepare Yourself For An Earthquake?

Are you aware of the preparation strategies of an earthquake? I guess you know about the destructive effects of this natural calamity. So, if you’re explicitly living in one of the earthquake-prone areas, it’s better to get prepared in advance.

The post-earthquake situations can be horrible. Your home might be a complete mess with the stoppage of power or water supply. But if you have some preparations for this calamity, it’s possible to alleviate the damaging effects.

Moreover, you can also minimize the possibilities of injury throughout your house. So, let’s talk about how you can prepare for this emergency.

Design A Preparation Plan For Your Home And Office

You should plan a preparation strategy before an earthquake. If needed, you can distribute different tasks to different family members or colleagues. Revise your plan regularly and be prepared to execute all these tasks during peak time.

How To Prepare Yourself For An Earthquake?

How To Prepare Yourself For An Earthquake?

List Out The Best Places For Your Shelter

Once earthquake hits, you’ll need to take shelter under a stable and robust object of your place or office. Sturdy tables or desks can be an ideal example. But, if there’s no sturdy object within your reach, you can lay down right on the floor adjacent to one of the interior walls while protecting the head and neck.

Don’t stay near mirrors, windows, large furniture, kitchen cabinets, external walls, and avoid all heavy things, which di not appropriately anchored. Thus, you can save yourself from potential injuries during the emergency.

Teach Your Family And Colleagues About Earthquake Signals

It’s natural to get trapped during this calamity. So, it’s a must to learn about signals to make rescuers aware that someone gets caught. You can teach everyone to knock three times at a stretch.

It’s a good idea to arrange emergency whistles and placed within reach of every member- be at home or office. Don’t forget to rehearsal the same to make it a reflex action for everyone, as earthquake won’t allow much time to save oneself.

How To Prepare Yourself For An Earthquake?

How To Prepare Yourself For An Earthquake?

Know About The Main Earthquake Defense And Practice It

Once an earthquake appears, you won’t have enough time to think about shelter. You already know about some ideal accommodations during the calamity. But, dropping right to the floor, taking refuge under a well-made table or desk and holding it is the main idea. Stay away from shaking objects.

Don’t forget to practice it in every room of your home. , you must have a crystal clear idea about the safe places in your house. Thus, you can safeguard yourself to a great extent.

You could be present some other places away from home or office in times of earthquake. Then, what will you do? Just go to an open space where there are no falling objects nearby, such as electric poles, buildings, etc.

Just drop and try to cover your head as much as possible from collapsing objects. And don’t leave that place until shaking stops completely. Don’t forget to arrange some first-aid arrangements in advance.

The list is not comprehensive, but I hope you’ve got some useful insights into earthquake preparation.

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